Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Those "Nazi analogies"

There's simply no way comparison to the Nazis is inapplicable to recent outbursts of a certain savage:
They are very depressed by the weakness that America is showing to these psychotics in the Muslim world. They say, "Oh, there's a billion of them." I said, "So, kill 100 million of them, then there'll be 900 million of them." I mean, would you rather die -- would you rather us die than them? I mean, what is it going to take for you people to wake up? Would you rather we disappear or we die? Or would you rather they disappear and they die?
Or take Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler's hysterical rant:
The majority of paleswinians just decided that they want war until every last Joooo is dead. They had a choice. They made the wrong one.

Now wipe the kaffiyeh’ed genocidal subhumans out.

No excuses, no more diplomatic kabuki theater, no more waffling.

Wipe them out.

They want war.

Let them have it.


What about children? Should they be murdered?
Why not? Think of it as post partum abortion…

After all, they just grow up to be mass murderers...
Now, this is a very familiar logic. Here's what police secretary Walter Mattner (from Vienna) was writing from Mogilev to his wife in October of 1941 (C. Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, 2004, University of Nebraska Press, p. 298; emphasis mine):
When the first truckload [of victims] arrived my hand was slightly trembling when shooting, but one gets used to this. When the tenth load arrived I was already aiming more calmly and shot securely at the many women, children, and infants. Considering that I too have two infants at home, with whom these hordes would do the same, if not ten times worse. The death we gave to them was a nice, quick death compared with the hellish torture of thousands upon thousands in the dungeons of the GPU. Infants were flying in a wide circle through the air and we shot them down still in flight, before they fell into the pit and into the water. Let's get rid of this scum that tossed all of Europe into the war and is still agitating in America. ... I am actually already looking forward, and many say here that after our return home, then it will be the turn of our own Jews. Well, I'm not allowed to tell you enough.


  1. It astounds me that we have shortages of money, time, and energy for education, roads, medical care, mass transit, environmental protection, homeland security, police, fire, and emergency response agencies....

    ...but there is always plenty of money, time, and energy to support fomenting hatred.

  2. My diagnostic test for hatefreakery in a document is to use a word processor to find-and-replace every reference to the targeted group with "Jew" or "Jews", perjorative names being replaced with perjoratives of approxmately equal vileness. If the result appears to have been found on the composing-room floor at Der Stuermer the test is positive.

    But this- comparing the words of modern hatefreaks with the actual words of genuine Nazis- beats my layman's conjuring trick all hollow.

    Thank you. This blog has already established itself in my mind as a valuable resource- not least for demonstrating that study really is a path which leads away from the pit of hatred.

  3. Oops- that should be "found on the composing-room floor at Der Stuermer".

    Someday I'll make a blog post without mangling any tags.

  4. Yes, hate is indeed cheaper. It requires little more energy than rhetoric and bullets.

    The diagnostic test from ktesibios sounds like a good one.

    There's a joke about "Der Stuermer:" two Jews in 1930s Germany meet, and Karl is carrying both "Der Stuermer" and a Jewish newspaper.

    One says, "Karl, why do you have both newspapers?"

    Karl says, "After I read the Jewish newspaper and find out how weak and miserable we are, I read 'Der Stuermer' to feel better, because it tells us how strong and powerful we are."


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