Tuesday, April 04, 2006

McCloskey and the Memory Hole

I despise the man like I despise sewage, but I have to give kudos to Robert Novak for publishing the following in a recent column:

Holocaust politics

Former Rep. Pete McCloskey, the liberal Republican attempting a comeback congressional campaign in California, faces charges of association with an organization accused of Holocaust denial.

At a 2000 conference of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), McCloskey was quoted in a transcript of his speech to the group as referring to "the so-called Holocaust." Mark Weber, the institute's director, told this column that McCloskey was granted a request to remove from the IHR's Web site an expression of "esteem" for the organization's "mission." The Web site offers for sale books questioning the Holocaust.

The fact is that Pete McCloskey has had an long association with the IHR and its neo-Nazi leader, Mark Weber. This is something his potential constituency should know, so if you live in CD-11, spread the word.

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