Thursday, March 23, 2006

Meet Moonbat

Meet Moonbat. He's a typical Holocaust Denier. He has genuine learning difficulties and reading comprehension problems, since he's, you guessed it, from the Moon. Though some actually doubt the existence of the Moon and claim it's just another Hoax. But we know better, don't we?
You'll be seeing a lot of Moonbat in the coming weeks and months, so I wanted to get the introductions out the way early, since we're all friends round here (so far).

Told you we'd have fun.

[Addendum: just to clarify, "moonbat" is usually a word used by the far-right to describe the left. We began using it in 2006 to denote crazy Holocaust deniers, who are found among far-left and far-right extremists, certainly not meaning that Holocaust denial is somehow peculiar to the far-left (in fact, in our experience the far-right deny the Holocaust much more frequently). If anything, our dear Moonbat's surname is Wingnut. So, meet Moonbat the Wingnut!]


  1. Hey, it's such a cute animal! I don't think it deserved being the subject of such comparison.


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