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Reports from the Occupied Eastern Territories, May 1942 to January 1943

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Extracts from the Meldungen aus den besetzten Ostgebieten appear in this collection edited by Arad et al. Below I copy across several relevant extracts, each referenced by the page number in the collection.

No. 4, 22.5.42: "Of the Krimchaks (about 6,000) who were usually counted as part of the Jewish population, well over half lived in Simferopol (2,500) and in Karasubatsar [Karasubazar]. Their extermination, together with that of the Jews and the Gypsies in the Crimea, was accomplished for the most part by the beginning of December, 1941 [p.344, quoted here]."

No. 5, 29.5.42: 251 people shot and 28 hanged in Minsk on 5.5.42 [p.346].

No. 6, 5.6.42: "Today, there are no more Jews in Estonia [p.347]."

No. 7, 12.6.42: At the time the Germans invaded, "about 70,000 Jews remained in Latvia", but now there only remain skilled laborers as follows: about 2,500 Riga, about 950 Daugavpils, about 300 Libau. Thus by implication, around 66,000 Jews had been exterminated [pp.348-349].

No. 8, 19.6.42: "Lithuania is now free of Jews" except for 15,000 in Kaunas, 15,000 in Vilnius and 4,000 in Siauliai [p.350]. In Liepaja, Latvia, "several Jews were arrested while trying to escape to Sweden [p.351]."

No. 9, 26.6.42: "These measures have created the basis for the planned Final Solution of the European Jewish question specifically with respect to Byelorussia [p.354]."

No. 12, 17.7.42: 340 Jews and Communists shot in Shatsk, Ukraine [p.355].

No. 15, 7.8.42: "In the area of Kharkov, cleansing operations continued and several hundred people were seized for special treatment [p.357]."

No. 16, 14.8.42: Jewish population of Rostov was said to have been 50,000 up to November 1941; but only 2,000 had been registered after a Jewish Council was installed on 1.8.42. "Further necessary measures" were under way [p.358].

Nr. 19, 4.9.42: Anti-partisan action north-west of Slonim: killed were 200 bandits (100 Jews), 4 German Gendarmerie and 1 Latvian. Ratno, 11.8.41, eleven people, including 7 Jews, "were given special treatment [p.361]."

Nr. 24, 9.10.42: "In the area of Berdichev, there was a rumour that after the Jews, all the Poles in the camp would be shot [p.363]."

Nr. 38, 22.1.43: Operation "Hamburg" in area of Slonim: 1,676 partisans killed in battles, while 1,510 were executed. German losses: 7 dead and 18 wounded. Operation "Altona" in area of Kossov-Byten: 93 partisans killed in battles, while 785 were executed. No German losses.

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