Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Another SK 1005 update

Author: Sergey Romanov
As mentioned previously on the blog, we have 22 German wartime documents explicitly mentioning Sonderkommando 1005, of them 7 have been published here. Now it's time for a little update of that posting. First of all, I have added an image of the official German wartime copy of Hegenscheidt's radiogram, the text of which has already been published. Hegenscheidt was arrested in 1944 and this official certified wartime copy is among the other materials in his case.

Further I have added a previously unpublished document from the same file - excerpts from the manuscript that Hegenscheidt wrote as a part of his defense in 1944, as he was sitting under arrest in Berlin.

That makes it for 8 published German wartime documents that mention SK 1005 explicitly (and 22 that we have overall).

Remember how Mattogno and Graf insisted on the very designation "1005" being a Soviet invention? And what did they base that on? Right, the same thing these clowns base all of their fraudulent "research" on: nothing (except wishful thinking).

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