Tuesday, May 31, 2011

«Sobibor / Roberto Muehlenkamp's duplicity exposed»

A CODOH thread with this Hargisian title, related to my blogs Thomas Kues on »Lies and obfuscations about Himmler’s Sobibor directive« and Thomas Kues’ takes on the Sonderlager paper dragon, is being discussed on the RODOH thread A message to Jonnie Hannover Hargis ..., starting with my post 12906 on that thread.


  1. The omission of the Benda quote is clearly deliberate. The section is titled "Documents About The Sobibor Uprising" so Benda is clearly central to that section and could not be omitted in error.

    Moreover, Kues (as Dahl) had posted about Benda's Sonderlager quote at the Cesspit as far back as 2007.

  2. Kues needs to tell Jonnie Hargis to stop saying that Kola's digs were fraudulent, given that Kues relies on Kola.


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