Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ever seen a live meltdown?

Look no further: Richard aka JustTheTruth has one here, here, here, here and here. He doesn't even hide it anymore.


  1. YES I AM HAVING A "live meltdown" - in response to you threatening innocent children you SICKO!

    Get back to blowing you buddy or do you have the guts to call me?


  2. Nice to see I am dominating your forum....

    I am having so much fun with you wankers - you take this all so seriously....

  3. I see the pot is calling the kettle black again.

    And the tone and volume of our friend's yelling suggests that he's having no fun at all. The fun is all on our side.

    What this "call me" thing supposed to mean, by the way? Has the fellow provided a phone number?

    If so, it's just a step for him to provide his name and address.

    Meanwhile, his contributions to the thrashing of "Revisionism" continue being appreciated.


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