Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is this fellow dumb ...

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
... or just playing dumb?

In his CODOH post of Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:12 am, Drew J triumphantly comments:

Blatt is claiming a diesel engine was used for murder. That's funny. I thought Roberto and Sergy already declared the diesel engine moot and were instead trying to focus on petrol engines as the real culprit instead.

Drew J either is feigning that he doesn't understand or still hasn't understood the point made by Sergey in his article Why the "diesel issue" is irrelevant, which is that knowledgeable eyewitnesses (i.e. gassing engine operators, mechanics and others closely familiar with the gassing engine and the gassing process, as opposed to witnesses who had just briefly observed a gassing or only had second-hand knowledge of how gassing was done) always spoke of a gasoline and never of a diesel engine. Casual or second-hand witnesses not familiar with the gassing engine and the gassing process often (though not always) spoke of a diesel engine, but they can easily have mixed up the gassing engine with a diesel engine used for non-homicidal purposes (like power generation) or relied on the accounts of guards or fellow inmates who were thusly mistaken, and the testimonies of such witnesses are therefore irrelevant as concerns this particular aspect, the type of engine used for gassing.

Thomas Blatt was one such casual or second-hand witness as concerns the gassing engine and the gassing process, for he never saw the extermination area of Sobibor (which was rigorously separated from the rest of the camp, and from which there were no survivors) from the inside, as Sergey pointed out in his RODOH post 10765:

Ah, no, he heard no such thing. I don't know whether Blatt said "submarine" or whether it was the journalist's distortion, but Blatt wouldn't know it's submarine in any case - he never was in the extermination zone and the Nazis clearly testified about the gasoline engine. So you miss again. (There was a diesel engine for generating electricity nearby the gassing engine according to Hoedl, but that's that.)

So there's no banana for Drew J and other "Revisionists" idiotically rejoicing over Thomas Blatt's mention of a diesel engine. Sergey's point stands. The diesel issue is irrelevant.

Drew J then flashes back to a former post from our discussions in which he wrote on CODOH and I wrote on this blog or on RODOH, namely his post of Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:11 pm that was commented in my RODOH post # 11503. He seems to be taking advantage of my enforced temporary absence from the CODOH forum to shoot the bull about my arguments. It speaks volumes about his character.

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