Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fritz Berg disses other denier gurus

Author: Sergey Romanov
This deserves to be copied here.

The SANITY Test!
by Friedrich Paul Berg » Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:24 pm

The test: Do you agree with me that railroad delousing gas chambers could have been e-a-s-i-l-y used to commit mass murder by the Nazis?

Many prominent "revisionists" such as Butz, Faurisson and Toben have flunked the test.

[pictures omitted ~SR]

In an e-mail recently, Robert Faurisson wrote the following:
... I cannot reiterate here what I have said and written and shown with pictures so many times perhaps in English and certainly in French. As soon as you have read the 47 operations of the “Procedure Check List” (15 July 1958, revised 22 October 1975) of the Baltimore Penitentiary gas chamber (same model as in the 30s and 40s) and seen that impressive gas chamber as I saw it myself, you understand that to execute one man with HCN is a horribly difficult problem. Nothing to compare with a delousing or disinfection or disinfestation gas chamber for clothing or for the fumigation of a room, a building, a ship, etc., by a team of “exterminators” (American word).

Therefore an execution of thousands of human beings in any room would have ended up in a catastrophe. For days and days it would have been a terrible problem to get those poisoned bodies out of the room. There certainly would never have been a second execution!

It would be interesting to know the "Procedure Check list" for an official hanging. It might convince people that mass hangings are also impossible, or implausible, or technically improbable.

On technical subject matter, Robert Faurisson is hopeless! He is a kind of techno-retard locked into his fixed ideas about "impossibilities." Unfortunately, so are many "revisionist" true-believers who seem to worship at his feet. Denial is their new religion. That may explain why holocaust revisionism is not far more successful than it is. No doubt, if I give the same test to "exterminationists"--the results will be better. No doubt, if I am clever enough and disguise my motives--most "exterminationists" will agree that the railroad delousing tunnels could have easily worked for mass murder. They will agree that those real gas chambers would, at the very least, have been vastly better than the alleged gas chambers for humans at Birkenau which they already believe in. Of course, since the Nazis really had such huge delousing gas chambers (on railroad tracks of all places), why didn't they use them? Why have such chambers never even been implicated? Some people might start to think even further.

As a side note: this argument has already been tackled during the RODOH Auschwitz debate (Veritas Team Second Response, 06.08.2004):
NT: Trains full of passengers marked for death could have been wheeled into fumigation barns, gassed with CO, and then driven to any location for disposal.
Boy, how spectacularly practical, especially the ensuing process of opening railway car after railway car and dragging the bodies out of the fumigation barn to wherever they would have been incinerated, undressing them (damn that rigor mortis!) then cleaning the cars of blood and excrement before sending the train out again to fetch the next batch, while somebody launders the severely soiled clothes.
Add to that the selections, which would have been hardly possible in such a situation (although this applies much less to places like the Aktion Reinard(t) camps).

Also a logical fallacy is involved. Even if one assumes that Berg's method's is somehow better (how, though?), it does not mean that another sufficient method was not used.

But kudos to Berg for calling the leading deniers techno-retards, etc., which they are.


Nathaniel said...

I guess this means that the Scholar's Debate and the stuff in the reference section at RODOH are still valid despite its demise?

It'd really be a shame if the good stuff goes down the drain along with the trolling and the stupidity

Sergey Romanov said...

Of course the Veritas team contributions are valid.