Monday, December 28, 2009

Inconvenient History and Stormfront

Further proof that Widmann's 'respectable' journal has a racist underbelly. Warning: links to Stormfront below:

Joseph Bishop - White Racial Extinction

Thomas Kues - appeal to white nationalists in Brazil.


  1. A CODOH Pom Pom girl interjects on Kues' behalf:

    "Like any normal people, I would also post on Stormfront, any Jewish forum or forums for black only, no matter what if I want to research a topic."

    Yeah, because Kues was just doing research, see?

    But the research had a paranoid, antisemitic premise so Kues went to a paranoid, racist site. He also specifically requested links to any webforums, websites and electronic newsletters directed at Brazil citizens with interest in "Holocaust revisionism, "white nationalism" or the Brazil-German community".

    Kues was seeking out like-minded "white nationalists".

  2. And pathetic Kiwichap does his best impression of the Black Knight.

    These guys are so sad.


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