Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CODOH Implodes

Author: Jonathan Harrison
January seems to be the Month of the Long Knives in the Cesspit. The point is rapidly approaching where the only residents left at the asylum will be the psychopath Greg Gerdes, whose hobbies are not to be recommended to the young, and the resident moderator, Jonnie 'Hannover' Hargis. What has happened to turn up the heat in the Fuehrerbunker?

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The short answer is that Mark Weber has admitted defeat over at the IHR and this has led the senile Nazi Fritz Berg to demand a petition to get Weber ousted from his cushy chair. Hargis opposes the petition for the obvious reason that he does not want to expose his own position to the possibility of review. If deniers can start firing their own gurus, someone might write to Bradley Smith and point out that the library assistant who moderates the site has presided over a steady decline in the site's traffic and should therefore be replaced by someone with a triple-digit IQ who is less prone to hitting the delete button.

Since Weber posted his article, Berg and other Cesspit regulars have posted at least six threads attacking Weber. Most of these are saved at this Memory Hole thread. To date, Hargis has deleted two threads, locked two others and mutilated one of the others with mad deletions. Meanwhile the front page still has a Hargis thread called "What wise men say about free speech and opinion" - posted without irony.

At this rate of regression, Hargis is in danger of turning CODOH into a duet between himself and Gerdes, a man so dishonest that he pretends that "conclusive proof" in historiography must go beyond unreasonable doubt, not just reasonable doubt. As Fischer reminds us:
If historians, like lawyers, must respect the doctrine of reasonable doubt, they must equally be able to recognize an unreasonable doubt when they see one.
CODOH, which turns unreasonable doubt into a religious dogma, is collapsing inward upon its own fallacies and will eventually disappear. In the last 18 months, its traffic has declined as shown here. Even Bradley must be beginning to realise that it's time to pull the plug on this farce and evict Jonnie from his bunker.

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Robert86 said...

Somehow I doubt the the Fuhrerbunker will be closed anytime soon. Even if it does, Bradley Smith or someone else and their like minded friends will still be around.