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Who thought that Gerdian imbecility can’t get any worse ...

... should read the Cesspit thread Gerdes pledges to pay Kola's Sobibor bill, in which Gerdes treats his CODOH buddies to his latest publicity stunt:

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According to the dullest of the dull (Roberto Muehlenkamp), Andrzej Kola is allegedly refusing to publish his report on his alleged "archeological excavations" at Sobibor because he has not been paid for his work.

RM (via the VNN forum post #1012):

As I learned from Yoram Haimi of the Sobibor Archaeological Project, the reason why Prof. Kola has not yet published a detailed and illustrated report about his 2001 findings is that he wasn’t paid by the Polish government entity that commissioned his work in 2001. So Prof. Kola is sitting on his findings, so to say, until this problem is solved – which I hope will happen in a near future.

RM (via VNN forum post #1036)

What I'm waiting for? ... a detailed report by Prof. Kola

Well, I for one am sick and tired of waiting. I am using this forum to announce that - I will be starting a pledge drive to raise the funds needed to pay the so-called "archeologist" Andrzej Kola for his alleged "excavations" of the alleged "huge mass graves" of Sobibor.

What I need from the boys over at holocaust controversies (I'm sure they will be more than willing to help me get this project started and completed) to get started on this very important project are:

1 - The name of the Polish government entity that commissioned his alleged work.

2 - Proof that this alleged entity commissioned his work.

3 - Proof that this entity owes Kola any money

4 - The amount of money this entity allegedly owes to kola.

5 - A contact person who speaks English in this alleged Polish government entity. (Or someone who can translate for me.)

6 - Contact information for Kola.

And I will need the following from Kola:

7 - The amount that he claims he is allegedly owed.

8 - Proof of said claim.

9 - A pledge that he will release this phantom report that he is allegedly "sitting on" immediately after he gets his money.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly challenge Michael Shermer to be the first person to pledge a contribution to this fund and to pledge that he will release the results of his alleged Sobibor investigation at the same time that Kola does his.

Now I am presently leaving for the holiday weekend, and would like the above tasks to be completed and the information posted on the holocaust controversies blog by no later than next Tues. afternoon.

Time to get cracking boys. After all, you do want to help me pay Kola the money he's owed and help stop holocaust denial - don't you?

What I wrote in my VNN post # 1036 was the following

What I'm waiting for, the self-projecting hysteric asks?

Let’s see …

I’m waiting for time and means to go to Sobibor, obtain permission to disturb the ash heap (which I doubt will be granted) and enlist the services of an expert to analyze the human remains and certify that they are in fact human remains (which I also doubt anyone will do for just little me).

So waiting for what comes of an assessment of the mass graves’ contents by the SAP and/or for a detailed report by Prof. Kola seems a more promising approach.

Contrary to what quote-mining Gerdes apparently tries to make believe, I'm in no hurry to see the results of archaeological work at Sobibor, be it Prof. Kola's 2001 investigation, the investigation currently under way by the Sobibor Archaeology Project, or both. A good thing takes time, as a German saying goes. And the longer loonies like Gerdes suffer in anticipation of what is coming at them (hence presumably Gerdes' professed impatience), the better.

If Gerdes is "sick and tired of waiting", that's his problem, and it's up to him how he solves it.

If he feels like doing so by contributing to a worthy cause – the publication of a report by Prof. Kola about the investigations he conducted at Sobibor in 2001 – that’s fine.

But why, then, does he demand that the contributors of this blog get him Prof. Kola's contact, proof of this-and-that, etc.?

As concerns the entity that commissioned Prof. Kola’s work in 2001, Gerdes seems to have a short memory. He apparently forgot what I wrote in my VNN post # 916:


Originally Posted by Gerdes
7 - Tell us what Polish government entity that commissioned Kola's "work."
Question irrelevant for the purpose of proving mass murder at Sobibor (which has already been proven anyway, see my post # 777 under ) and also without relevance in the context of the NAFCASH challenge.

Nice guy’s answer to irrelevant question:

On the site , which is quoted in my post # 807 on this thread (Gerdes should read my posts before hacking away), the following is stated:

In 2000-2001 the proper archeological research was initiated by professor Andrzej Kola's team from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, commissioned by the Council for Protection of Memory of the Battle and Martyrdom in Warsaw (Kola 2000, 2001).

As to the rest of his demands, the person best positioned to help Gerdes obtain the information, contacts etc. that he requires is Mr. Yoram Haimi, director of the Sobibor Archaeology Project, who has been in contact with Prof. Kola and accordingly informed me of what Prof. Kola’s problems are. Gerdes has already e-mailed Yoram Haimi, or so he claims in his VNN post # 1044, regarding the mound of human ashes at Sobibor.

So what is Gerdes waiting for to contact Yoram Haimi regarding his offer to solve Prof. Kola’s funding problems, if that offer is more than just a transparent bluff?

The contributors of this blog are not Gerdes' errand boys.

What’s particularly amusing, by the way, is the deadline set by Gerdes for his demands to be met:

Now I am presently leaving for the holiday weekend, and would like the above tasks to be completed and the information posted on the holocaust controversies blog by no later than next Tues. afternoon.

The poor fellow is seriously in need of good professional help.

I wouldn’t be surprised if even the CODOH clowns were beginning to feel uneasy at having him around. The same suspicion has already been expressed by tloB2 in his post # 309 on the RODOH forum:

That Gerdes fella is seriously retarded. It seem like they are uncomfortable with him there too. No "valued contributor" for him...


  1. Note that Gerdes is not requesting that Krege's work be published or that his fellow neo-Nazis should fund its publication.

  2. Publication of Krege's findings is the last thing that Gerdes and his fellow freaks want, because Krege found exactly what he hoped not to find. See my VNN post # 777 under , exhibit I.2 , Source Two.

  3. qqqIt must be a slow day when you two post back and forth to each other.


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