Sunday, May 18, 2008

CODOH's Greatest Hits: A Guide for New Readers

The idiocies of the CODOH forum have been documented in detail both here on the HC site and in the Memory Hole section of the RODOH forum. Highlights include CODOH mentor Bradley Smith censoring his own blog to delete complaints made about biased moderation by Jonnie Hargis; the banning of Sergey Romanov for exposing CODOH's hypocrisy concerning standards of evidence; and my own treatment after I exposed Hargis's double standards concerning Neander and Krege.

Readers can also wonder at the fact that this thread was allowed by the 'Moderator' to make unsubstantiated allegations that "Jewish Death Squads killed Germans"; Hargis himself was allowed to allege, without evidence, "mass murders by Allied field troops, heinous mass mutilations by the largely judeo-supremacist Bolsheviks/communists, the dismemberment of Germany, the seizure of her assets and patents, the mass rapes, [and] slave labor made of Germans"; and why Claudia Rothenbach was allowed to wax lyrical, without being warned, about how the "USA killed 20 M natives and robbed their land; had 15 M slaves while some tens of million were murdered before they reached the ramp in Neuf Orleans" and "USSR, killed about 66 M own people, 10 M Ukrainians 1930/31". All such allegations would have been deleted immediately if made about the Nazis.


  1. How can Jonathan Harrison accuse others of not providing evidence when neither he, nor any other holocaust controversies member can locate a single "huge mass grave" at Babi Yar, Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor or Treblinka? And why does he refuse to accept Greg Gerdes's open challenge to debate this issue?

  2. Plenty of evidence of mass graves here:

    Maybe Jerkes can respond to those blogs?

  3. Sorry, I don't see any evidence of mass graves at all. Not an iota of evidence.

    Perhaps Jonathan, you could provide some real proof of a mass grave? Something that could be used to lay claim to nafcash's $80,000.00 Final Solution Forensic Challenge?

  4. >> Sorry, I don't see any evidence of mass graves at all. Not an iota of evidence.

    Then you can't read, which is not my problem.

    Why not give the $80k to Krege so that he can publish his report and give us a good laugh? Or maybe let Krege publish his shit on your site?

  5. Well jonn, you seem to have "issues" also.

    Please provide me with proof of a single "huge mass grave" at just one of the alleged killing centers of Babi Yar, Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor or Treblinka. Is that asking too much? Like I told Robert, I'm not even asking for a grave that contains one percent of the alleged mass murder. All I want to see is one grave period. Just one. The only thing I don't want is words, I want real proof.

    Just a single grave that contains a single body. Is that asking too much? And why the hostility jonn? Is there really a need for that?

    And BTW Jonn, I have no controll over who gets the $80,000.000 reward, but I do have to admit that I am a supporter of The Final Solution Forensic Challenge.

    If you're such an expert on the holocaust Jonn, why don't you do what it takes to lay claim to the $80,000.00 reward? Don't you need the money Jonn?

  6. Since you've already shown that you're unwilling to read the evidence offered on our site, why would anyone waste any time on a fictitious challenge (already shown to be based on fake premises) for a 'reward' that almost certainly does not even exist?

  7. Jon, I don't want to "read" the evidence, I want to see it. Will you show it to me?

    And I would like nothing more than to pay my share of The Final Solution Forensic Challenge reward to someone so we can put this issue to bed once and for all. And I would like nothing more than to write my check out to Jonathan Harrison.

    Of course, if Jon and/or the jews would just admit that there was no Treblinka holocaust, then this issue could be put to bed also, wouldn't it?

    Come on Jonathan, say it:

    There was no Treblinka holocasut.

  8. >> Jon, I don't want to "read" the evidence...

    Tell me something else I don't know.

  9. Im sure a team could be put together to search the death camps and prove the holocaust beyond all doubt in the present day. That would shut up the horrible deniers once and for all.

    Why put yourself through the stress of arguing with only shreds of contradictory eyewitness testimony? There is a staggering mass of forensic evidence waiting in eastern Europe, ashes, bones, teeth, probably some DNA too. Its there for the taking, wouldnt even cost much, Im sure plenty of people would be willing to contribute or work for free.

    There are plenty of experts with recent experience in Bosnia and Iraq digging up mass graves.

    Really, why not do it?


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