Friday, November 30, 2007

CODOH Lies and Ignorance: Sanning (Part 1)

Two months after I posted my first Sanning blog, a few Cesspit regulars have finally decided to have a crack at defending Sanning's shredded thesis on this CODOH thread. Predictably, however, their attempts at a refutation have simply added new deceptions to the list of denier gambits on this subject.

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The main ringleader of this gang of buffoons has been our old friend, Lurkerthe, masquerading under the pseudonym 'jnovitz'. After dispensing some highly hypocritical personal abuse (if I'm unqualified on this topic, where the fuck does that leave Sanning, Hargis and Rudolf, none of whom has doctorates in any discipline?), Lurkerthe launched into his first gambit by claiming that the Jewish population of Latvia fell in the 1930's by a similar pecentage to that which Sanning had claimed for Poland:
A reduction of 500 000 [for Poland] is not extreme. Jewish migration from Eastern Europe was heavy at this point. There are excellent population figures for Latvia Jews that show a similiar decrease...
This is clearly false, as can be seen by the Latvian census figures for 1930 and 1935 shown in this link. The number of Jews fell by only 909, a ratio of 0.96%.

When I challenged Lurkerthe on this, he claimed that his source, The Holocaust in Latvia by Andrew Ezergailis, showed a population decrease from 1935 (the last census) to 1940. However, when I checked this source, I found this quote from the author on page 72, note 1 a:
Whether the Jewish population increased or decreased just prior to WWII is not clear
Lurkerthe then claimed, falsely, that I had argued that the Germans had conducted a census in Poland in September 1939. What I actually wrote was this:
Firstly, to justify his choice of sources, Sanning (p.44) makes a false claim about Nazi population data by asserting that “their figures were not based on a census, not even on estimates". This is a blatant lie because, as Sanning must have known, every Jewish ghetto in Poland was forced to conduct a census. This had been mandated by Heydrich on September 21st, 1939
Clearly, as ghettoes had not been established by the end of September, I could not be arguing that the censuses were carried out in that month. Instead, my comment was clearly aimed at Sanning's claim (p.44) that:
In the ghettoes the Jews were accorded some kind of self-administration and the Germans never [my emphasis] bothered to count them.
Consequently, when Lurkerthe states that "Sanning did not claim that a census was not taken, simply that a census was not taken in the middle of the Wehrmacht campaign as Mr Harrison strangely claims," he misrepresents Sanning's position as well as my own.

Lurkerthe then perpetrates an even greater falsehood when discussing Polish Jewish emigration to the USA:
The annual quota for Poland emigration to the US between the war was over 30 000. And it is most probable that Jews took up a greater than 10% proportional share of that quota. So 530 out of 30 000 is not a credible figure. Nor was all emigration from Poland confined to that quota.
The fraudulence of the passage is easily exposed by contemporary sources, such as this one, which demonstrate that the Polish quota was 6524. Moreover, only one of every four Polish-Jewish applicants could satisfy the stringent requirements of the U.S. Consul in Poland (source: Jacob Lestschinsky, "National Groups in Polish Emigration," 5 Jewish Social Studies (April 1943), p. 113; cited by Zimmerman, Chapter 1, Note 15 here).

We can therefore see that, instead of rescuing Sanning from his ignominy, CODOH's unwise monkeys have simply helped to bury him further in the mire by imitating his modus operandi.

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