Monday, June 11, 2007

Is Juergen Graf an antisemitic Stalinist?

Author: Sergey Romanov
Well, OK. Maybe he is not a Stalinist. But then, why is he listed as a member of the Scientific Council of the "Institute of the Russian Civilization"? The "Institute" is run by Oleg Platonov, an Orthodox Christian Stalinist antisemite who promotes the ideas that the Blood Libel is not actually a libel and that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are actually authentic.

Oleg "Lemonface" Platonov

Indeed, on the website of the "Institute" one can download lots of Platonov's Jew-hatred-filled books and other conspiraloon treatises. E.g. in the section "Masonry" one can read The Mystery of Zion's Protocols, Mystery of Iniquity: Judaism and Masonry against Christian Civilization and Secret History of Masonry.

I have already quoted Platonov once. To repeat:
Stalin Iosif Vissarionovich [...], Georgian Bolshevik. Since late 1930-s - a Russian statesman, military leader of the Russian people during the Great Patriotic War.
Stalin's life consists of two mutually exclusive stages. In the first stage - late XIX century - 1st half of 1930s - Stalin is the active accomplice of the criminal activities of Lenin and the so-called Lenin's guard, Jewish Bolsheviks, who exterminated millions of Russian people; in the second stage, since the 2nd half of 1930s - a Russian statesman, through whose efforts, in effect, the national revolution was accomplished, which overthrew the power of the Jewish Bolsheviks, and significantly (although not completely) resurrected the former role of the Russian people.
Again, given that the "Institute" is nothing but a vehicle for publishing Platonov's and Platonov-approved works, the question to Juergen Graf still stands.

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