Friday, May 11, 2007

Is He Just a Puppet?

Author: Andrew E. Mathis
A few days ago, I sent the below e-mail to Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis, pursuant to a post he'd made at his personal Führerbunker, the CODOH Revisionist Forum.

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Today, Jonnie, you wrote about the "Holocaust industry":

"It simply another example of them starting with a false assumption and then trying to force fit everything into it."

You are truly the king of irony, Mr. Hargis. Do you not realize that this is *exactly* what you, as a filthy Holocaust denier, do?

You begin with the belief (insane as it is) that there was no Holocaust. Then you just deny any evidence to the contrary. Document that's incriminating? A forgery, of course! Eyewitnesses? All liars! Your old favorite, "forensic evidence"? Just refuse to define what you mean!

Man, you are *such* a one-trick pony.

Now go make a nasty post about me, you little girl, you.

I sent this to his UCLA e-mail address rather than one of his pseudonymous accounts.

Predictably, his response was exactly as I predicted.

First we have a page from the Google cache (in two parts below -- click for full-size versions). The date is May 8, 2007.


Today, I checked the Führerbunker, and there was a new "sticky" with my name on it. Looky:

Has Jonnie Hargis ceased to have a mind of his own? Is he merely a puppet for my amusement?

When I send him a link to this post, we'll find out...


C.J. said...

The second and third pictures link to the wrong pictures when clicked on.

Andrew E. Mathis said...

Should work now. Thanks for the heads up.


104839sobe104839 said...

With people like Hargis, I don't know how certain "revisionists" can expect NOT to receive excessive abuse such as physical abuse. The man claims that you and others are debunked, that "heaven knows" this, yet he won't even let you post there. Some "debunking", for sure.

Andrew E. Mathis said...

It is only through *massive* restraint and a continued adherence to principles that I haven't just called the JDL and let them "handle" Hargis.

If he isn't careful, someone else not as scrupulous as myself will eventually do just that.