Sunday, October 08, 2006


Author: Sergey Romanov



Sergey Romanov said...

Bad things happened, but I will wait and see whether to disclose them.

displayname said...

shit. that was my favourite site when someone wanted a photo of a fake bonecrusher or a fake mobile homocidal gaschamber :-)

Sergey Romanov said...

That's "homicidal".


Sergey Romanov said...

Well, it may appear yet. Either in a frozen state or as a usual updated site. But probably it won't be the same.

Depending on what exactly will appear, its credibility may be shattered forever, since basically, if it appears again, it will be left in unreliable hands. But let's wait and see.

104839sobe104839 said...

Shit. I was planning to use that website to debunk a lot of buddy's nonsense. For example, in episode 10, he says that since there was no gas outlet mentioned in arad's book, that wouldn't have been a functional gas chamber. But if you went to "gas chambers", and you scroll down to the jurowski map on the treblinka gas chambers, it clearly said "gas outlet".

Sergey Romanov said...

Heh, I made that picture. I can try to find it, if you need it :-)

Sergey Romanov said...

BTW, the outlet issue is not that trivial - e.g. Rosenberg says that this was a hermetically sealed window, so who knows who is right.

Sergey Romanov said...

Although I think outlets would be needed, I should stress that deniers proceed on the assumption of a diesel engine - I think I have shown that such an assumption is unwarranted by available evidence. A gasoline engine would have to pump significantly less exhaust into a chamber to kill all people.

104839sobe104839 said...

Oh, thanks. btw, this is sobe. Roberto checked my script so now i'm taking care of the technichal details of the movie. The thing is that we have evidence for petrol motors in belzec and Sobibor, but not Treblinka. good luck.

Michael Metrinick's Bloc said...

The ARC team has been dissolved or so the web page says.
They have started a new organization it seems with the best of the original group. Basically they kicked out the negative influences.
Good for them.

Sergey Romanov said...

"Basically they kicked out the negative influences."

No, the truth is quite the opposite.

Sergey Romanov said...

Sobe, we shouldn't have any positive evidence for gasoline engines in Treblinka to assume that they used them there. We only have to make sure that there is no credible evidence for diesel engines.

There is no credible evidence for diesel engines in Treblinka. So we can assume gasoline engines.

Besides, the use of gasoline engines in Belzec and Sobibor is evidence of the use of the same in Treblinka.

Also, I would suggest not to use Rudolf Reder's testimony to establish the use of a gasoline engine in Belzec.

104839sobe104839 said...

Sure, but why not? I was planning to use peter whitte's statement that used to be in ARC. I think what I'll do to prove that the gassing engine in belzec could have definitely been a petrol is Alfred (schluch?)'s testimony which you cite in your "why the diesel issue is irrelevant" article. He himself claims that "For the gassings an engine was started up. I cannot give a more detailed description of the engine, because I never saw it. I am not a specialist, but I would say that, judging from the sound, it was a medium-size diesel engine."
I will argue that if schluch wasn't sure, there's nothing so hard to believe that many other eyewitnesses where also not sure about the engine type and where most likely guessing or repeating hearsay.

Sergey Romanov said...

Sobe, Mattogno unearthed Reder's 1945 statement in which he allegedly states that exhaust from the engine went not into the chamber, but rather just into air. It's in the Belzec book, I think.

If Mattogno is not fabricating (and he doesn't fabricate, IMHO) or mistranslating (and it's hard to mistranslate such a description), then Reder should not be relied on in regard to the engine question.

Re: Schluch you're absolutely right.

TrueVoice said...

Hi Sergey,

Two questions.

1. Will there be any news released about the demise of the ARC site? This was a great resource.

2. Is there any place to comment on the idiocy of the cesspit? I refuse to register and just get deleted, but none of the threads here seems appropriate to comment.
Some of the stuff is such drivel, it's a shame they don't let anti-revisionists comment on some stuff; at least the most outrageous stupidity, to show there is "balance". lol

Sergey Romanov said...


1) Yes. I plan a series of three postings. Will post when I have more time.

2) Check out the newest Open Thread. ;-)

Michael Metrinick's Bloc said...

The news on the ARC demise is basically the group that made up ARC decided they brought the effort as far as they could. Nothing new had gone up on the site in a half a year and new members basically began a series of squabbles over authenticity of some photos. Needless to say they team figured that all the bickering going back and forth killed the true purpose of what the group and associated website were all about.

Hope that helps.

Sergey Romanov said...

JFYI, "Holoscholar" above is Carmelo Lisciotto, a former ARC member who has left the group in late 2005 or early 2006. For whatever reason, while accusing others of cowardice (in private mail), he doesn't identify himself here.

He can't know the "news" on the ARC demise, since he wasn't "present". His claim that "nothing new had gone up on the site in a half a year" is, of course, false.

As for the real reasons for ARC's demise, expect all the grisly details here, soon.

Sergey Romanov said...

Update: "Michael Metrinick's Bloc" is the former "holoscholar".