Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ukraine to mark 65th anniversary of Babi Yar massacre

Author: Sergey Romanov
"Time can heal wounds, but it should not erase them from our memories," Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said as he launched two days of commemorations attended by Israeli President Moshe Katsav and 1,000 guests representing 41 countries.

"Not only bodies were buried at Babi Yar, but also hopes, dreams and expectations," said Yushchenko, whose father, a Red Army soldier, was prisoner No. 11365 at Auschwitz.


The commemorations began Tuesday with the opening of an exhibit entitled "Forewarning the Future," featuring photos of naked and twisted bodies stacked together at Babi Yar. They continue Wednesday at the ravine.


Today, the place where tens of thousands of bodies once lay is part of a popular tree-lined park, but still has the air of a forgotten monument. Boys play soccer there, and young couples slip past the hedges to stretch out on the carefully cut grass in the ravine.


JPSlovjanski said...

Ironic since Yuschenko's victory was heavily backed by elements that are at the very least ideologically sympathetic to those who carried out such massacres.

Apollonian said...

"Babi Yar"--Talmudic Devil Worship
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 06)

So is this the so-called "massacre" where kikes were supposedly massacred? God, but were it only so. Thus the volk who seek freedom fm Judaic oppression need merely review the proper historical dialectic.

Pt. is Jews are liars and criminals who murder folk systematically, WWII another case in pt. Such is the Talmudic war-program. See Mike A. Hoffman II's "Judaism's Strange Gods" for good expo on Talmudic murder program-"religion" built upon hubris, narcissism, and self-worship in which Judaic devil-god is captured within a strange, obsessive "covenant," like a disgusting porno marriage contract by which this devil-god murders for his collectivist (communist) Judaic beloved. Also ck for more Talmudic expo, including on modern events and applications thereof.

Ck for good dramatic of half-kikes conspiracy, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Eisenhauer, all half-kikes who engineered and prosecuted WWII, murdering millions of gentiles in coldest blood.

Key for present-day historical dialectic is manner in which kikes and co-conspiratorial accomplices (like Council on Foreign Relations--CFR--see lead the duped goyim to kill one another, like present "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see, Liberation will come when gentiles lose their "fear of the Jews" as the saintly Apostles of Christ did on Pentecost holyday of Epiphany. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

marsattacks said...

I think you need serious psychiatric treatment mr Appolonian. At least I know I am a pumkin.

JPSlovjanski said...

Gee Apollonian, thank you for TOTALLY SCREWING UP my very astute comment about Yuschenko's hypocrisy. LOL...just..LOL!