Monday, August 28, 2006

The Unbearable Stupidity of the Cesspit

As usual, some "revisionist" lemming ("Hotzenplotz") has found something which he, lacking any imagination and common sense, cannot explain, and therefore rejects.
The upper camp is connected with the lower camps by a small gauge ("narrow track") railway, as we are told. More precisely, what we see is that the mass graves are connected with Sobibor's station. The railway leads directly to the platform.

What could possibly be the purpose? SS-men travelling between the two parts of the camp? Illogical.

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First of all, there would be no need for a railway to transport a couple of men for just something like 200 metres. Sounds like a loona park. Secondly, there would be no reason for the tracks to lead to the station. If the railway was to facilitate quick transport between the two parts of the camp, it should end right in the middle of the lower camp, not in front of the "pre-camp". Or was it built for SS-men from the upper camp going "downtown" or on holidays? Absurd. They didn't leave that often and certainly could have walked the 200 metres. Why not use a car or truck, anyway? Or was the railway for supplying coal to the crematoria? There were no crematoria. For transporting the belongings of the "gassed"? No, they were taken away from them already in the lower camps. We know the deportees had to walk naked along the "tube" ("Schlauch") leading to the "gas chambers".

I therefore conclude that the deportees, after having been gassed and dumped in the mass graves, arose from the dead to take a train ride back to Sobibor station!

The Sobibor small gauge railway is an instance of the characteristical appearance of details within a story of lies that don't fit in logically. Within this story, the railway makes perfect sense: Lots of Jews came from the disinfection installations/ shower rooms (a.k.a. "gas chambers") in the upper camp who had to be channeled back to the station swiftly - for transport to the eastern territories. Sometimes several thousands a day. Some of them were old, some children. Instead of whipping them along, the SS chose to build a small gauge railway which ended exactly where it should, at the station, so that the deportees could change to the next train.
Poor schmuck is so silly that he won't be embarrassed even when the obvious will be pointed out to him:
Elderly people, the sick, and invalids who were unable to walk were told that they would be taken to a Lazarett (infirmary) where they would receive medical treatment. Actually they were put on carts, pushed by men or pulled by horse, and at a later stage on a narrow-gauge railway carriage, and were taken into Camp III, directly to the open pits, and there they were shot.
Arad, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, p. 77.
Another technical improvement introduced in Sobibor was a narrow railway trolley that ran from the disembarking platform to the burial pits in Camp III. It was to replace the carts pushed by prisoners or the horse-drawn carts on which the dead, the sick, and those unable to walk from the train were transferred to the pits. According to Oberscharfuehrer Hubert Gomerski, who was in charge of Camp III, the length of the narrow railway was about 300-400 meters. It included five or six trolleys and a small diesel locomotive.
Scharfuehrer Erich Bauer testified:
... Part of the trolleys and rails originated from the sawmill that bordered the Sobibor camp. Additional trolleys and rails arrived by train from Trawniki. The locomotive of this train came later, about two months after the trolley was in operation. At the beginning horses pulled the trolleys. As I explained in previous interrogations, the trolley was laid to transport the sick and handicapped Jews from the arriving trains to Camp III. I know that these people, including the handicapped and sick, children, and particularly infants, were taken to the so-called Lazarett, and there they were shot by those serving in Camp III. ... It was known in the camps that this Lazarett was used not for healing but for the extermination of the people. ...
Op. cit., pp. 123-124.

Finally, here's the description by the Company Commander Westermann of the arrival of a train to Belzec, a related extermination camp:
The ever greater panic spreading among the Jews due to the great heat, overloading of the train cars, and stink of dead bodies – when unloading the train cars some 2,000 Jews were found dead in the train – made the transport almost unworkable.
The report of Zugwachtmeister Jaecklein confirms the number of the dead:
The ever increasing panic among the Jews caused by the intense heat, the overcrowding in the wagons the stink of the dead bodies – when the wagons were unloaded there were about 2,000 dead in the train – made the transport impossible.
There is no reason to suggest that situation was any different in Sobibor. So that's the simple answer to the silly question.

Now, deniers like to babble about "common sense". But they themselves have none. It doesn't make sense to build a railway to disinfestation chambers, because the chambers can be built near the ramp. It does make sense to build a railway to the mass graves (if the materials are available), because the graves themselves cannot be situated too close to the ramp for obvious reasons.

And still, another denier lemming ("Laurentz Dahl") is very happy about the first lemming's "find":
Nice find.

However, in our upsidedown cloud cuckoo world of today, common "sense" would probably have it that the nazis at Sobibor were so evil that they had to kill their victims twice.

Rutger Hauer they had to gas at last thrice of course...

And of course, both lemmings are at loss as how to explain the whereabouts of the Jews transported to Sobibor. "Eastern territories" doesn't cut it, kids. They would have been found in these territories after the war, just as the Jews sent to Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno.

But they weren't.

Update: Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis makes a total fool of himself:
What stands out like a liar's big nose is the area designated as 'mass graves'.

Those alleged mass graves have never been shown to actually exist.

If the laughable yarns were true they would excavate and make a enormous media event of it.

Remnants of such alleged mass graves are impossible to obliterate.

The claimed 'mass graves' do not exist. Doesn't get any simpler than this.
Except that the mass graves have been found:
Researchers have discovered seven mass graves at the Sobibor Nazi death camp in north-eastern Poland.

The research team, which began its government-sponsored investigation in the summer, said the graves - the largest of which is about half the size of a football pitch - contain charred remains.


  1. Problem is, there's no real "argument" with these guys. They will not accept any proof presented to them. They just found the mass graves? The deniers will say that it took the Jews 60 years to fake the gravesite.

    They have made up their minds. The Jews are evil, the Jews got what they deserved from Hitler, but it didn't really happen, and don't confuse them with facts. They are too filled with hatred.

  2. Fantastic. Thank you for debunking these cretins.



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