Sunday, December 01, 2019

Update of Posting Contemporary German Documents on Homicidal Gas Vans

We've updated the reference posting Contemporary German Documents on Homicidal Gas Vans with the following items:
  • image of radio telegram of Arthur Nebe to Einsatzgruppe B of 13 December 1941 on "special vehicles"
  • colored images of all other documents from the German Bundesarchiv (including the letter from Walther Rauff to the Criminal Technical Institute at the Reich Criminal Police Office of 26 March 1942, the letter from Harald Turner to Karl Wolff of 11 April 1942 and the memo of Willy Just of 5 June 1942)
  • addition of document 16.) letter from the Gaubschat company to the RSHA of 24 September 1942 on "Coachwork f. delivered 10 Saurer Chassis".


  1. You could also address this pile of manure if you want. I know it is pretty boring to address the same nonsense over and over, but i still think it is beneficial.

    1. Lol, the first article (about Jewish population) is so stupid. Author of this sh*t is probably very crazy person. Before WWII according to Korherr report (written in 1943) roughly 10 million Jews lived in Europe. Pre-WWII censuses also prove that 9 to 10 million Jews were in Europe. Poland (3,1 million; 1931 census), Soviet Union (3 million; 1937 census), Romania (730,000; 1930 census), Germany (505,000; 1933 census), Czechoslovakia (360,000; 1931 census), Netherlands (112,000; 1930 census), Baltic states (250,000; 1923 census in Lithuania and 1935 in Latvia), Greece (72,000; 1928 census), Great Britain (300,000; 1920 census), Austria (191,000; 1934 census), Hungary (444,000; 1930 census), France (200,000), Belgium (70,000; 1930s), Yugoslavia (80,000).

    2. According to Korherr report 17 million Jews lived in the World.


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