Saturday, July 28, 2018

How Twitter collaborates with neo-Nazis.

Author: Sergey Romanov
I was suspended on Twitter a few days ago for calling a neo-Nazi Holocaust denier a nutjob.

Here's how it happened.

The guy was harassing people around and spreading Holocaust denial. As a very typical example, here are his tweets harassing a Jewish woman and people confronting him (all reported, of course):

Here are his tweets against blacks:

His attitude towards the Holocaust in 1 tweet:

Indeed, if you look at his timeline, he is obsessed with Jews, blacks and the "holohoax".

I confronted the said neo-Nazi and of course debunked all his lies about the Holocaust with facts, which was easy to do given his absolute ignorance. In fact, he was even forced to publicly express doubt that Mao and Stalin were responsible for millions of victims (otherwise he could not maintain his dismissal of the Holocaust under pretense of demanding "forensic evidence" of millions of bodies, which he would not have been able to present for those two dictators too), so he very fairly got called a nutjob. Someone who seriously doubts that Mao, Stalin and Hitler are responsible for millions of deaths gotta be a nutjob, right?

After he was shadowbanned for spamming, he changed his profile pic to that of a black man to present my tweets calling him out as racist attacks, in the hope of finding some dumb Twitter moderator who would react to this primitive ruse. Ironically, his trick did not work, but I still got suspended. Here's the email I got from Twitter:

As you see, I was suspended for merely reacting to a Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi's vile spam by calling him a nutjob.

That's it. I called a neo-Nazi who was engaging in a targeted harassment of people all around Twitter (including myself) a nutjob several times and got suspended.

And there has been zero reaction from Twitter to the said neo-Nazi's actual, real antisemitic/racist harassment of the Twitter users. As of the time of this writing he still hasn't been suspended.

End result:
  • a neo-Nazi who spews rivers of racist abuse and Holocaust denial is free to continue to spread his filth and lies on Twitter;
  • the person who merely confronted his abuse got suspended without any good reason.
It is hard to escape the conclusion that Twitter collaborates with the Holocaust-denying neo-Nazis.


Nathan said...

That’s just awful. At first I thought it was the “racist” comments that Kobble falsely complained about when he pretended to be a black man, but it’s just Generic Criticism. That’s just pathetic. Shame on Twitter for doing this

Denying History said...

It’s Twitters stupid rules related to using “insulting” language. It’s kinda why I now try and avoid using insults - even justified ones - on Twitter now considering they don’t allow one party to be aggressive in such a manner. I think it’s bot related that looks for key words considering they give at times rather generic language.

PshootR said...

Sergey Romanov said...

Problem with that screed is, Schiff hated the Bolsheviks indeed and certainly did not sponsor them. Unz's idea that his son was garbling the facts by speaking about other revolutions actually does make sense - but it also defangs the argument from "his son said it". Schiff sponsored the righteous February, zero evidence he also had a hand in the hated October. See Anthony Sutton's study on the Wall St. and the Bolshevik revolution.

Unz even relies on Wilton's fake Jewish lists, this robs him of any credibility whatsoever.

Nathan said...

The Bolsheviks were hard core communists. One of the first things they did was ignore all of the Czar's and Provisional government's debts, costing bankers like Schiff their livelihood and Profits. Thus, Schiff cut off his support. The issue of the Bolsheviks' ignored debts would continue to be a sore spot even until FDR. It's very simple and obvious, but not for dumb Antisemites who don't even know how Communism works.

Daniel Marques said...

Will you create a new twitter account though? :^]

Aaron Richards said...

Youtube is in similar "collaboration". If the FEW anti-deniers, on that platform with a billion-strong audience including teens and children, decide to make anti-denial videos where denier claims are examined and refuted, only after a few hundred views, the video gets flagged, or even removed and a youtube strike issued on your account which will not expire for 3 months. If you get 3 strikes, you're gone.

Meanwhile, "Activist News" has his video, "The Greatest Lie Ever Told - the Holocaust 2015 Documentary HD" sitting at ONE MILLION VIEWS, not flagged (i.e. fully visible comment and rating sections) and youtube is doing jacksh*t about it.

Either you allow free speech for everyone, or you censor anything that is offensive to someone. But if you allow denier videos to have hundreds of thousands of views, and crack down on anti-revisionists with a few hundred views, even the dumbest individual will start to notice a pattern.

Major Major said...

@PshootR: You should look at the comments on that page. They seem to be dragging in a whole batch of conspiracy theories into them, including Moon Hoax ones. It's the old, "If you believe one you'll believe more," if not them all, meme.
Just the sort of swamp in which Holocaust Revisionism flourishes. Someone even dragged in the "Anne Frank's Diary is written in ballpoint pen, therefore HOAX!!! HOAX!!! HOAX!!!" line.

PshootR said...

Is this the page your looking for?

Raquel Baranow said...

Lol, you called me a nut job too ... I thought you blocked me and searched for you and found this. I liked following you! 😿