Thursday, May 31, 2018

Jürgen Graf's lie about the Hungarian Jewish children.

In Jürgen Graf's article "What Happened to the Jews Who Were Deported to Auschwitz But Were Not Registered There?" (in which he incidentally fails to explain what happened to the 320,000 Hungarian Jews deported to Auschwitz in 1944 and found unfit for work; they disappeared without a trace and since no transit theory can even begin to seriously account for them, it's the death knell  of the Holocaust denial - one of many, actually) we see the following claim:
I am referring in particular to a 217-page report written in early 1945, shortly after the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz. It was written, in German, under the auspices of the Soviets by four former camp inmates, the Jewish physicians Lebovits, Weil, Reich and Bloch. It contains more than a thousand names of Auschwitz prisoners, nearly all of them Jews, with information about each one's age and date of imprisonment. These prisoners had been in the Auschwitz hospital on January 27, 1945, when the Red Army took control of the camp. Among those patients are 97 boys and 83 girls in ages ranging from a few months to 15 years.[note 56] One was a three-year-old Hungarian Jewish boy, J. J. Malek, and another was an eleven-year-old Hungarian Jewish girl, R. M. Salomon.[note 57] The former had arrived at Auschwitz in May 1944, the latter in July of the same year. According to the official "Holocaust" story, these two Jewish children would never have lived to see the year 1945; they would have been gassed immediately upon arrival.
56. Gossudarstvenny Archiv Rossiskoi Federatsii (Moscow), document 7021-108-23.
57. Gossudarstvenny Archiv Rossiskoi Federatsii (Moscow), document 7021-108-23, pages 181 and 183.
Carlo Mattogno later published the list of names contained in the report.

There we find Jakob Malek (camp number A-7738), a 3 year-old Hungarian Jewish boy who arrived in Auschwitz in May of 1944. An 11 year-old R. M. Salomon who arrived in July of 1944 is nowhere to be found, but a 9 year-old Rozalia Salomon (camp number A-11) who arrived on May 21, 1944, is on the list - we will assume Graf meant her.

What Graf is silent about is that these were so-called Mengele's twins. Indeed, it is obvious already from the report (most of the children listed there were twins): alongside Jakob Malek (A-7738) we see the 3 year-old Elias Malek (A-7737). Alongside Rozalia Salomon (A-11) we see the 9 year-old Sarolta Salomon (A-10). Indeed, Mattogno published another list, specifically of Mengele's twins, and all of these children are on the list.

That is, Graf lied when he wrote that "[a]ccording to the official "Holocaust" story, these two Jewish children would never have lived to see the year 1945; they would have been gassed immediately upon arrival" and did not mention the fact of these children being twins. Being useful for Mengele's "research" pretty much guaranteed them not being gassed on arrival - all in accordance with what Graf calls "the official "Holocaust" story".

Indeed, here is how the selection of Yaakov Malek took place:
In May 1944 the family was sent to Auschwitz. The father Josef disappeared immediately among the masses. The mother and her six children stayed together. Mengele called for twins to leave the line. Shlomo, Yehudit, Eliyahu and Yaakov did not respond but an acquaintance of theirs, who stood nearby, shouted, "They are twins." Mengele approached and the mother pointed out the twins. Two pairs of twins in one family was an exceptional occurrence. The two sets of twins were taken for Mengele's experiments and survived.
Jürgen Graf's reputation as a notorious liar is thus once again confirmed.


  1. Can we be sure it's a lie and not just extreme sloppiness and stupidity? Graf is the dumber half of the partnership.

  2. The burden of proof is on him. We're fully justified in saying that's a lie considering the obviousness of the case. If he wants to make a case that he's a blithering imbecile rather than a liar, he's free to do so.


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