Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Podcast Interview on Holocaust Denial

Author: Andrew E. Mathis
I gave an interview a couple of months ago to Matthew Buckley of Adelaide, Australia, who runs a podcast called Social Justice Warriors. We talked about the phenomenon of denial in general, techniques of denial, whether deniers are liars or just lousy historians, and the current status of Holocaust denial as a movement.'

For readers interested in the "inside baseball" of HC, there's a bit of our backstory at the beginning of the interview. Apologies to Nick for never remembering where he went to school and to Sir Ian Kershaw for failing to remember his name.


Sergey Romanov said...

Some details about me are not correct, but I won't be correcting them further for privacy reasons ;)

Nathan said...

The interview appears to suddenly cut out, while Dr. Mathis was explaining the irving v. Lipstadt trial. Is there more?