Saturday, March 04, 2017

Ten Little Nazis

Author: Nicholas Terry
Poetry corner, courtesy of our old friend Duke Umeroffen at RODOH...

Ten little Nazis, on a slow 'phone line,
one "unsubscribed" from alt.holocaust
Drop it down to nine.

Nine little baiting fashes, all the Jews they hate
HC got a blogspot.
Oops, its down to eight!

Eight little magnifiers, "air photo," heaven
along came 1005 "weather reports"
and blew it down to seven."

Seven little codohista play with krema bricks
along came Smith and rodoh1
now theres only six!

Six little chimps, keep a fire alive
Berg got served a JREF Stundie
and sent that down to five!

Five little Anti-Sems, falling foul of law!
Van Pelt stood at Irving's trial
now there's only four...

Four little youtubes O turn the tidal sea.
Along comes Heath and Haimi.
Better make that three.

Three little Mattognoists, motley denier crew
Little Grey Rabbit's...dated September...
Now theres only two.

Two little Holocaust deniers writing, "jew" for fun
Jason Wahrheit saw the crock
now there's only one.

One little vid maker, coping with black bun
Rudolf failed Eric's question
and that makes it none.

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