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Nazi Policy as Revealed in Axis Propaganda Sources

Author: Jonathan Harrison
This list is not meant to be exhaustive; it complements my other lists, taken from other types of sources, here and here. However, even if these open sources were the only information we had on Nazi policy, they would be overwhelming proof to any objective observer that a genocide was taking place.

29.6.41: "many Jews in Belgrade were shot yesterday for sabotage" [JTA citing Belgrade radio].

2.10.41: "the Jewish problem should be solved without any sentimentality [Voelkischer Beobachter, cited in JTA]."

16.11.41: Goebbels: "every Jew is our enemy, irrespective of the fact whether he is rotting in a ghetto in Poland, or continues his parasitic existence in Germany, or conducts war propaganda in New York and Washington [Das Reich, cited in JTA]." Full text here.

17.11.41: "The Reich is now fighting to death against the Jews [Voelkischer Beobachter, cited in JTA]."

3.12.41: "the Jews have signed their own death sentence [Voelkischer Beobachter, cited in JTA]."

3.1.42: Lecca: "As for Jewish emigration, which had long been considered the perfect solution, it is now thought that it would be better if Jewish families did not leave Europe. Experience has shown that, as soon as they had settled abroad, they supplied the common enemy with political propagandists" [Der Neue Tag, Prague, cited in Jewish News, 7, 19.5.42, p.1].

3.5.42: Jewish population of Croatia has been reduced from 35,000 to 6,000 [JTA citing Grenzbote, also reported by Transocean, 19.4.42 from a statement by Eugen Kvaternik, cited in Jewish News, 6, 28.4.42, p.2].

27.9.42: Vichy leader Pierre Laval tells Paris radio that Jews who entered France before 1936 and "who wish to emigrate to places other than Germany" would be denied exit visas, even though they may already hold visas to countries such as the USA. His reasons were "because they might take up arms against Germany, which would be contrary to the Armistice agreement," and "there is a suspicion that they would work against the interests of the French Government as soon as they reached another country" [JTA, 28.9.42, and Jewish News, 14, 27.10.42, p.1].

22.10.42: Transocean states that Jewish children are to be held as hostages: "Vichy may not allow these children to leave unless inimical propaganda against France and Germany ceases in America [JTA, 23.10.42]."

4.1.43: "The fate which the Jews met and still are meeting may also be meted out to those people among the European nations who still support the Jews and the enemy [Prague radio, cited JTA]."

15.2.43 Ley: "the Jews have been chosen for destruction [German radio cited in JTA, 16.2.43]."

16.3.43: "extraordinary sanitary measures had to be taken by the German authorities in order to make the streets of the liquidated Warsaw ghetto accessible to the general population" [Dona Zeitung, cited in JTA, 17.3.43].

7.5.43: Goebbels: "The extinction of the Jewish race is of historic importance [Das Reich, in JTA, 9.5.43]." Different translation here from "Der Krieg und die Juden," Der steile Aufstieg (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1944), pp. 263-270. 

11.5.43: Robert Ley, Frankfurt: "the Jews must be destroyed because they are the eternal enemy of Germany’s expansion [JTA, 12.5.43]."

30.12.43: Goebbels: "The Jews are the greatest obstacle to peace and must be eliminated[...]As the final aim of the present struggle, we Germans offer to all nations brotherly collaboration and peace with the warning that all nations must annihilate their Jews. The day will come when all nations will accept our offer and will take up arms not against each other, but to kill the Jews [Der Angriff, cited in JTA, 31.12.43]."

26.7.44: Facile attempt by German propaganda ministry to tie Organization Todt to resettlement: 
[Sundermann said that] in 1941 Jews were “incorporated into the European production system” and placed at the disposal of the Todt Organization – which constructs German fortifications – farms, factories and other groups. Once assigned to labor, Sundermann said, Jews were no longer under the control of the Gestapo [JTA, 27.7.44, citing Transocean].


Gilles Karmasyn said...

Great citations, as usual. In my (french) page gathering the most spectacular traces of nazi murderous will and policies statements and documents, I've provided a mean to use "key words" (under the link "Voir la liste des mots-clés...") You can chose among concepts, places, people, vocabulary. Most relevant to the present collection are Robert Ley's many public statements and articles. They are directly viewable using the link:

Most of the french translations are provided (sometimes in the footnote) with the german original (and the source, of course), so I guess it can be used by non french speaking readers. I kinda "like" the very first one, from may 1939 (yes, before the war), that really makes public the most fanatic nazi fantasies about the jews:

« Der Jude kann nicht allein in unserem Volke vernichtet sein, sondern wir dürfen nicht eher ruhen und rasten bis der Juden in der ganzen Welt vernichtet ist. Darüber gibt es nicht keinen Zweifel. [Beifall] […] dann werden gesunde Menschen zäh und fanatish sein - bis sie ihn vernichtet haben. »

Jonathan Harrison said...

Thanks, Gilles. Ley seems to have been very active in May 1943, which is a key month, including Goebbels' article "Der Krieg und die Juden," and Ley's speech of May 11 marking the fact that Frankfurt was now "judenrein."

The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

A couple of sources on what Goebbels wrote and said 12 June 1942:

"Propaganda Minister Goebbels signalized the drive toward total extermination when on June 12, 1942, in an article in DAS REICH, he swore that the Jews would "atone" for the R.A.F. bombing of Cologne and other German cities "with extermination of their race in all Europe, and perhaps even beyond Europe."
- Memo submitted to the US President at the White House on 08.12.42 by a delegation of representatives of Jewish Organisations in FO 371/34361, C255, p.32.

"This evening, 12 June 1942, shortly before 8, there was a speech on the radio saying the Jews in Europe, and perhaps even in more distant countries, were being exterminated. It also said the Jews were to blame for the present heavy British air raids on cities in the north and west of Germany."
- From the diary of Karl Dürkefäldens, quoted in Kain, wo ist dein Bruder?, p.141. cf. R. Blank et al., Germany and the Second World War vol. 9/1, Clarendon Press, 2008, p.365.

Jonathan Harrison said...

Thanks. This was the article: although dated June 14th, it would have been available a few days before: 'The Air War and the War of Nerves'.


The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

Thanks for the link. I thought it might be on there but I wasn't able to find it. I was keen to read what he actually wrote/said.

Here's one from the Der Stürmer 4 Nov 1943, p.1, PS-1965:

Das Schweizer Judenblatt schreibt weiter [Israelitische Wochenblatt, 27. 8. 1943]:

„Sozusagen verschwunden sind die Juden Europas, mit Ausnahme von England und den unbedeutenden jüdischen Gemeinden in den wenigen neutralen Ländern. Das jüdische Reservoir des Ostens, das imstande war, die Assimilationserscheinungen des Westens auszugleichen, besteht nicht mehr."

Das ist kein Judenschwindel. Es ist wirklich Wahrheit, daß die Juden , sozusagen" aus Europa verschwunden sind und daß das jüdische „Reservoir des Ostens", aus dem die Judenseuche seit Jahrhunderten über die europäischen Völker gekommen ist, aufgehört hat, zu bestehen. Wenn das Schweizer Judenblatt behaupten will, daß die Juden eine solche Entwicklung nicht in Rechnung gestellt hatten, als sie die Völker in den zweiten Weltkrieg stürzten, so ist dies ihnen zu glauben. Aber, der Führer des deutschen Volkes hat schon zu Beginn des Krieges das nun Gekommene prophezeit. Er sagte, daß der zweite Weltkrieg die verschlingen werde, die ihn haben wollten.

- Original article; transcription from p.182f.

The Swiss Jewish newspaper goes on to say

"The Jews of Europe, with the exception of those in England and of insignificant Jewish communities in the few neutral countries, have disappeared, so to speak. The Jewish reservoir of the East that was able to counterbalance the force of assimilation in the West no longer exists."

This is not a Jewish lie; it is really true that the Jews have, 'so to speak,' disappeared from Europe and that the 'Jewish reservoir of the East' from which the Jewish pestilence spread for centuries among the European nations has ceased to exist. If the Swiss newspaper wishes to affirm that the Jews did not expect this kind of development when they plunged the nations into the second World War, this is to be believed; but already at the beginning of the war the Fuehrer of the German Nation prophesied the events that have taken place. He said that the second World War would swallow those who had conjured it."

- Translation from IMT 12:321

Sergey Romanov said...

> - Original article

The first page of that issue.

The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...
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The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

>>> The first page of that issue.

Here's the entire edition

Jonathan Harrison said...

Streicher was advocating the extirpation of world Jewry back in 1936: