Friday, March 24, 2017

" would be better if Jewish families did not leave Europe"

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The quote in the title comes from Radu Lecca, who was interviewed for a Nazi newspaper, Der Neue Tag, published in Prague on January 3, 1942. Lecca confirms that the Nazis no longer wish to expel Jews from Europe because they would spread propaganda. Resettlement had thus been abandoned as Nazi policy. The quote was reproduced in Jewish News, No. 7; 19 May, 1942. Readers can click the scan below to enlarge the image.

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Geoff said...

Sorry for putting this here,but would like to ask a question.

On youtube,there is a denier who has more nous than the usual idiots.

Smooth talking,but his intentions are the same as the rest of the rabble.
He goes by the name Guido C.
Does anyone have info on who he may be?Thanks.