Thursday, March 09, 2017

Germar Rudolf destroys Don Heddesheimer in a single sentence.

Author: Sergey Romanov
Heddesheimer's thesis in The First Holocaust is just silly: the figure "six million" was mentioned in relation to Jews before the WWII, therefore something something. There is no logical or historical connection between those cherrypicked mentions and the proven facts of the Holocaust. Basically, that is all that needs to be said to deal with this sad little irrelevant brochure.

But now, on the heels of Amazon throwing out of dozens of Holocaust denial books, comes Germar Rudolf and agrees:
[Heddesheimer's book] deals with Jewish fundraising campaigns during and after the FIRST World War, and therefore if only for chronological reason does not deal with the Jewish Holocaust of the SECOND World War.
There you have it, from the horse's mouth:  Heddesheimer's thesis is totally irrelevant to the Holocaust.

PS: one should ask though why Rudolf published it as a "Holocaust Handbook"... Oh well.


The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

Here's a good'un I found on last year but haven't re-posted before now:

Eric Danielski said...

Before the Holocaust had its Name … Early Confrontations of the Nazi Mass Murder of the Jews

Before the Holocaust Had Its Name. Early Confrontations of the Nazi Mass Murder of the Jews