Tuesday, February 21, 2017

An Update On The Traffic of the Holocaust Controversies Blog

I've revived the old Statcounter account and lo and behold, it contains the almost complete traffic stats from the creation of our blog to some point in time in early 2016.

The Blogger counter that you see on the right only contains the pageviews since some moment in May 2010.

When I set the Statcounter to show the data from March 23, 2006 to May 1, 2010 it gives the following results:

Page ViewsUnique VisitsFirst Time VisitsReturning Visits
Daily Average47923619047

Stats by week. Green - page views, blue - unique visits, orange - returning visits.

There was a period in Feb-Mar 2007 when the counter didn't function for some reason. It is also not clear now exactly when in May the new page views counter began functioning. So we may be missing a few tens of thousands of page views here. Nevertheless it is clear that to the current value on the right (2,049,989 as of this moment) you can add about 720K more page views.

It is however not clear if the counter also appeared on the mobile devices in this period, so 720K should be seen as the minimum.

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