Tuesday, July 07, 2015

And yet another mention of six million …

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
… can be found in the WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2015:

Tobacco use claimed an estimated 100 million lives worldwide during the 20th century, and remains a serious and growing global health threat (2). With around 6 million lives lost annually, tobacco-related diseases claim more lives than HIV and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Implementing the evidence-based, legally binding provisions of WHO’s FCTC to their fullest extent represents the world’s best chance of reducing this toll.

The WHO must be full of "kabbalists".


Anonymous said...

Also Holodomor around 6 million dead a hoax? =)

Roberto Muehlenkamp said...

No, but claiming 6 million victims of the 1932/33 famine in Ukraine known as the Holodomor would be an exaggeration.

According to Timothy Snyder in Bloodlands, the death toll of the Holodomor was around 3.3 million.

The same author, see here, mentions a total of 6 million people "deliberately killed" by Stalin’s regime during the whole Stalin era, and another 3 million "foreseeable deaths from deportation, hunger, and sentences in concentration camps" that he does not qualify as "deliberately killed".

Anonymous said...

I was just ironic with the deniers. I have read the number 6 million for the Holodomar so that must be a hoax to.

J Kelly said...

I enjoy Timothy Snyder as an author, has anyone read Black Earth yet?