Friday, August 16, 2013

Open Letter to Nick Kollerstrom on the Auschwitz Death Books

Dear Nick,

We (that is me) are glad to hear that you have expressed your commitment for free speech and against "arresting people for their beliefs”, and trust that this is not limited to your own beliefs but meant universally, also applying to, say for example, denial of crimes committed against Germans.

We entirely support the concern that spreading historical claims should not be punished in an open society – and would like to add – also when these are utterly absurd, offensive to members of the society and mainly a vehicle of political extremism (such as Holocaust denial).

But let’s switch gears and address your remarks on the Auschwitz death books expressed in that letter to Vladimir Putin.

  1. The Auschwitz death books are incomplete and no record exists for 1944 and 1945. Your statement that the Soviets “seized all of its ‘death books’ with the records of all persons who had died there” is misleading/incorrect.

  2. It can be shown by documentary evidence (corroborated by numerous testimonial evidence) that causes of death in the certificates have been falsified by the SS, namely that unnatural deaths have been camouflaged as natural one's. But then any cause of natural death given in these records (at least since 1942) is a priori doubtful and requires external corroboration to be taken for granted.

    Hence, your statement that the death record “does not record them [the Jews] as having been murdered” is not questioning, let aside rebutting that any Jews have been murdered in Auschwitz.
  3. The unrealistic decline of Jewish deaths in 1943 compared to the non-Jewish indicates that most of the former were not entered into the records anymore after February 1943 and that the death records for this year have to be considered unreliable with respect to the number of deaths among registered Jewish prisoners, and you are well aware of this argument.

  4. Jewish people killed directly after their arrival without prior registration in the camp books were not entered into the death records. This can be shown again by documentary evidence.

    On 21 and 24 January 1943, 3.383 Jews considered unfit for work were “specially lodged” in Auschwitz. The term was a variant of “special treatment” (see telex from Heinrich Schwarz to SS-WVHA of 5 March 1943), which in turn was an euphemism at the concentration camp administrations for unnatural deaths without judicial decision.

    However, the death books contain only 2.841 Jewish deaths for the entire months January 1943. Therefore, it is clear that Jews selected as unfit for work at the ramp and killed after their arrival without registration in the camp books were not registered in the death books either, even when this was still practiced for the deaths among registered Jews.

In summary, the death books do not allow any conclusion on the total number of Jews ceased in Auschwitz concentration camp complex nor that Jews were not murdered there.


Nathan said...

Kollerstrom is a liar. A bad one, at that.

From his silly little screed:

Then in May 1945 Russia announced its figure of four and a half million deaths at the Auschwitz camp during the war, which became the basis of the ‘six million Jews’ killed by the Nazis.  

What did Roberto call it? A herring with an old white beard. It's been something like 20 years, and "Revisionists" still cling to this old lie. One only needs to look at the presentation by Smirnov at the IMT:

"However, employing rectified coefficients for the part-time use of the crematorium ovens and for the periods when they stood empty, the technical expert commission has ascertained that during the period of time that the Auschwitz Camp existed the German butchers exterminated in this camp not less than 4 million citizens of the U.S.S.R., Poland, France, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Holland, Belgium, and other countries."

The IMT didn't even buy this. The IMT's judgement instead quotes Hoess's estimate of Three million, rather than the above. So, it's absolutely disingenuous to say that the 4 Million formed the basis for the 6 Million Death toll.

Epic fail.

Thanks for this, Hans. I could use the laughs.

Nathan said...

Also, Hans, you validly point out that in the available death books, the Jewish death toll declines from 1943 onwards. Nick Terry also mentioned this elsewhere. Would you happen to know if the executions carried out directly as a result of the 1944 Sonderkommando revolt appears in other documents, in a manner similar to the other examples you mentioned? There's no doubt that such a significant event would've left other documentary traces - perhaps in the guard books or such - even if - because Jewish deaths were no longer being recorded as of 1943 - they don't appear in the death books, and would provide strong evidence for the records being falsified, and Jewish deaths no longer being recorded in them.


I see assertions and abuse (as usual) here to challenge Nick Kollerstrom but little or nothing in the way of actual evidence.

The 'cover-up' theory (or is this simple unfounded propaganda) assumes the existence of gas chambers to dispatch all the supposedly missing Jews. But David Cole, Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mottogno and many others cited by Nick Kollerstrom have produced powerful scientific evidence that disproves the existence of these "human gas chambers".
If you want to establish that Jews were massacred in mass-gassings you must produce some real evidence that this occurred. You must also explain how the scientific facts negate all you are claiming to be true.

Enough abuse already. Or is that all you have really got?

Hans said...

Nathan, good point. I would like to encourage Kollerstrom to back up his claim that the Soviet Auschwitz death toll became the basis of the six Million Holocaust figure.

I am not aware of German contemporary documents on the killing of the prisoners during and in the aftermath of the October 44 Sonderkommando revolt (the death of 3 SS men is reported in the Standortbefehl of 12 October 1944, The drop of the Sonderkommando strength in the Birkenau labour force reports is of course reflecting the liquidations, but no direct evidence for them.

But since there are no death books known for 1944 anyway, I cannot see how such a document - if it were existing - would provide evidence on the practice since March 1943 not to release death certificates for most of deaths of registered Jewish people.

Nathan said...

- I see assertions and abuse (as usual) here to challenge Nick Kollerstrom but little or nothing in the way of actual evidence.-

"T.S. Road" clearly can't read.

- David Cole-

All DC was really able to "expose", maybe, was the water reservoir at Auschwitz 1, and maybe, the fact that Krema 1 was a reconstruction. So what?

- Germar Rudolf -

The bottom line is that traces of Cyanide were found at all of the sites in question. The exposure to Cyanide is a fact. The rest is just goalpost moving.

- Carlo Mottogno -

Is this a joke?

- If you want to establish that Jews were massacred in mass-gassings you must produce some real evidence that this occurred. -

What's "Real evidence" as opposed to "Not real evidence"? And, who other than "T.S. Road" needs "Real evidence"? Why should anyone give a damn about what "T.S. Road" needs?

Can T.S. Road cite any actual "abuse"? Any reasonable person can see that Hans was rather polite, especially considering that this moron Kollestrom cited the tired old herring about the 4 Million at Auschwitz, and therefore showed thathe doesn't desrve any such politeness.

Honestly, these self styled "Free Speech warriors" are so full of themselves that everything seems like "Abuse". What a bunch of losers.


You can congratulate yourself on being a Jewish "winner" Nathan but, hopefully, not for too much longer and that's what terrifies you, doesn't it?

Furthermore, to deal with you in your own currency I should say that what people like me can't stand about the likes of you (and you come as a stereotype) is that you are quite obviously a determined dissembler, a liar and a supremacist creep.

Nathan said...

- But since there are no death books known for 1944 anyway, I cannot see how such a document - if it were existing - would provide evidence on the practice since March 1943 not to release death certificates for most of deaths of registered Jewish people.

The way I see it is that "Revisionists", when confronted with the total absence of any records in 1944, may be tempted to argue that there are no records because Jews were not being killed, Period. Of course, documentation indicating that a large number of Jews were killed - e.g. the drop in the strength reports you mentioned - would refute this idea. Naturally, the record of a large number of Jewish deaths in one set of records and the total absence of any such deaths in the "official" death books would indicate that yes, Jewish deaths are no longer being recorded in the "official" records.

Nathan said...

Also, Hans, I was wondering what you think of the following:

In this old AHF thread, David Thompson suggests that Konrad Morgen's IMT testimony was framed the way it was because Dr. Morgen was "Trying to distance the death camp adminstration from the SS as an institution". E.G., pointing out that the "Monowitz Extermination Camp" was run by Ukranians, Balts, etc. rather than by German SS. I understand that it's very likely that Morgen simply got the name of the two sites mixed up in his testimony, since such mistakes happen all the time, even in my experiences. You've pointed this out elsewhere, but I was wondering if you think that the scenario pointed out by David could also be true.

Arthur Crump said...

So, No one to vote for, can you enlighten us all and give your version of what the 'morgues' function were in the crematoriums?
Are you going for a)Air Raid Shelter b)Delousing chamber c)Morgue d) An en-suite shelter/morgue/delousing chamber combo e) games room f) indoor swimming pool g)shithouse or h) just an empty room !!!!
A £10 gift voucher for the IHR bookshop is yours, Mr No-one, for the most original pile of bullshit you can offer :)

Hans said...

Hi Nathan,

I would also not interpret too much into Morgen's Monowitz slip, it is certainly possible and the most simplest explanation that he was just mixing up names. I don't see evidence for anything more sinister or complex than this.

But I think David Thompson only wanted to say that the reference to Balts, Ukrainians etc. was "an attempt to distance the death camp administration from the SS" but not the slip with Monowitz. I guess he would be with us that Monowitz was just some confusion for the moment.

Hans said...

Arthur Crump:
"A £10 gift voucher for the IHR bookshop is yours, Mr No-one, for the most original pile of bullshit you can offer :)"

No submission yet? Extend the voucher also for videos. Actually, there are only a handful of books in their shop and these have almost collector's value already.

nicholas said...

Putin Letter

Please forgive my delay in replying.
You start by averring that Revisionism (which you call Holocaust denial) is ‘a vehicle of political extremism.’ Au contraire, as my new book makes crystal-clear Revisionism is a quest for historical exactitude, and is not politically motivated. It may have political consequences but that is a secondary affair. It is the quest for historical truth which is the sacred thing: on which our future well-being may depend.

1. Yes the Death-books, seized by the Soviets when they liberated Auschwitz and finally published in the 1990s, are incomplete. The Soviets did presumably seize all of these books that they could find. If you want a more careful phrasing of this matter, see my book Breaking the spell The Holocaust Myth and Reality, p.81-84 Let’s agree that some proportion of inmates were not registered, and possibly they died without having death-records. I used the figure of 10% as given by the British intelligence decrypts although I appreciate you might wish to have a far higher figure.(See October 1942 decrypt, :‘about 2,000 men in the total are always unaccounted for’)

2. You say that cause-of-death reports have been falsified. I’m merely saying that both the Arolsen Archives and the Death Books of Au show a lot of trouble to report the causes of death, at great length, and not one single one anywhere has death by gassing or by cyanide – just as nobody in any German labour-camp reported seeing a bright shocking pink body, which is what results from death by cyanide. I have simply stated a fact, that these death records do not report the murder of any ethnic group eg Jews: which is correct. Inmates were shot at Auschwitz, if they tried to escape. The decrypts make that clear.

3. concerning the (mysterious) decline in reported Jewish deaths in 1943 (see here you aver that this ‘indicates’ that most Jewish deaths were not being recorded. That is mere conjecture on your part, which I try to avoid. You CANNOT SHOW any authentic Nazi document suggesting that such selective non-reporting was taking place.

4. No it cannot be shown! I challenge you to do this. Its just an unverifiable phantasm, that hordes of Jews were gassed-on-arrival without being registered.

Concerning your next paragraph, many Jews unfit for work were lodged at Birkenau camp rather that Auschwitz. Your hunch that ‘specially lodged’ was a code for extermination is again a mere pipedream: that is not the way to do history. The ‘Special treatment’ here alluded to the preocedure, instigated in the summer of 1942 whereby all new arrivals were shaved, had their clothing removed and deloused, and showered, and it worked: slowly the dreadful mortality from the typhus epidemics were brought under control.

Your last paragraph assumes what you are trying to prove, that because ‘only’ 2841 Jewish deaths were reported, that ‘therefore’ jews selected as unfit for work were being exterminated. I believe You cannot produce any Nazi document to support this.

Hans said...


Thanks for your comment. I've placed my reply to your here:

John Reid said...

While reading "Breaking the Spell" by Dr. Kellerstrom I got wondering about cremation, and how the cremated remains of a million or more people could vanish without a trace. So I looked into cremation (see to see if it really results in ashes, which could have been easily disposed of with few traces. Turns out that cremation basically results in bone fragments (and not "ashes"). To turn bone fragments into "a finer sand-like consistency" requires a cremulator to crush or grind the bone fragments. Yet there is no evidence of a cremulator at any of the alleged death camps. So that would suggest that there should be bone fragments laying around to support the theory of cremation of somewhere between 500K and a million people at certain "death camps" (e.g, Treblinka and Auschwitz). Alas, there are no records showing the finding of great quantities of bone fragments at any of the alleged death camps. Supposedly at Auschwitz the "ashes" were dumped into the Vistula River. If the "ashes" were really bone fragments, then there should be evidence of the bone fragments of a million (or more) people in the Vistula River at the alleged dump location. After all, even after 70 years there should be some residuary evidence at the bottom of the Vistula to support the contention that the bone fragments of over 1 million people were dumped there. But there is none.

Further, if the Nazis allegedly harvested gold from the teeth of their victims, this would require either: (i) a processing plant to extract gold from the cremated remains of their victims; or (ii) that the teeth containing these precious metals were extracted from the victims after gassing, but prior to cremation. But there is no evidence to support either alternative.

Regarding the missing volumes from the Auschwitz records (secured by the Russians in January 1945, and released to the public in 1989), why would the Russians (or indeed, anyone other than the Germans, who had no control over the released documents) suppress volumes that would tend to support the "extermination" theory? After all, providing volumes that supported the "extermination" theory would tend to play into the hands of the Holocaust advocates (such as the USSR, US, UK, and their Jewish fifth columns) in order to advance their separate and collective agendas. For example, if the Jewish fifth columns wanted to advance the theory of "the extermination of 6 million Jews", then they would have definitely wanted these missing volumes (which allegedly supported this contention) to be made available to the public. My guess is that the Russians either just lost these volumes (after all, the Soviet Army was not exactly the paragon of bureaucratic efficiently), or the missing volumes were taken as war souvenirs. Another theory (mine) is that Jewish fifth-column agents destroyed these volumes because the volumes did not support their story. Alternatively, if the missing volumes were destroyed by the Germans to hide their alleged crimes, why would they just destroy some of the volumes, but not all of the volumes? The Germans were clever, but I find it hard to believe that in late 1944 they selectively destroyed records in anticipation of future war crime trials. In all likelihood the missing volumes were simply lost.

What I have presented above is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more inconsistencies between the currently accepted version of the "Holocaust" and the real facts that is difficult to accept the current dogma. Do your own independent research, and be wary of "sources" that perhaps have a separate agenda. The so-called "Holocaust deniers" don't have any agenda other than seeking and exposing the truth.