Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chelmno Perpetrator Franz Schalling

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Claude Lanzmann conducted a hidden camera interview with a member of the Ordnungspolizei in Lodz, Franz Schalling, who described the process of execution by gas vans at Chelmno.

A full transcript can be read here.

Out-takes are here.


Arthur Crump said...

Is this the same person as "Franz Sch." - the SS witness quoted in the HC Blog "Mattagno on Chelmno Cremation - part 1, footnote 10" ?

The source for this footnote was Adalbert Ruckerl’s book – “NS-Vernichtungslager im Spiegel deutscher Strafprozesse. “ but unfortunately I have not been able to find any info on this person.

I know the first names are slightly different, but they do look similar.

Arthur Crump said...

Sorry, I spelt the other person's name wrong - I should have asked if this is the same person as 'Frank Sch.' ( not 'Franz').

Anyway, no matter. Roberto has replied to my original email.

Cheers all.