Saturday, December 10, 2011

Himmler's Speech on the same day as Lidice

As Dr. Lindtner points out, Himmler stated on 9.6.42: "Die Völkerwanderung der Juden werden wir in einem Jahr bestimmt fertig haben, dann wandert keiner mehr." It should be noted that this was the day after Heydrich's funeral and the same day as the massacre in Lidice; on June 10th, 1,000 Jews were deported from Prague to Majdanek. Thus there can be no doubt as to Himmler's meaning when he used the phrase "dann wandert keiner mehr".

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  1. Good point! But Faurisson may object: " No, excuse me. Maybe it´s reasonable, but the text does not say that."
    Also,acc. to Faurisson, you would have you show him the Hitler order if you want us to believe that Lidice was Lidice.


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