Saturday, October 01, 2011

Evidence of Jürgen Graf's Racism

In his response to my last article here on Graf's racism, Dr. Joachim Neander requested that I provide "better arguments, e.g. one or more quotations where [Graf] shows a depreciating attitude toward an ethnic or racial group." This was a fair request so in this new article, I summarize my findings on Graf's position regarding race.

In this article, Graf claims that we are living in "a globalist system of pseudo-democratic régimes in which Jews control the government and the opposition at the same time (the classic examples being the U.S., Great Britain, and France)" and that "in any European society the Jewish Community will attempt to continue its destructive work". In this review, Graf states that "The fallacious doctrine of racial equality, which has been promoted for decades by the followers of Franz Boas, has caused pernicious political consequences." If racial equality is "fallacious", then obviously races must be unequal, as shown by Graf's advocacy of Avdeyev, whom Graf admits "pays tribute to the racial theorists of the Third Reich and explicitly claims that all races are not equal."

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