Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wilfried Heink spells it out

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
In his RODOH post 4332 on the thread New Revisionist Videos, Wilfried Heink, who together with Thomas Kues runs the Inconvenient History blog, spelled out very clearly what he considers the purpose of his "Revisionist" activity to be.

In response to my post 12806 on the same thread, the old man let fly as follows (emphasis added):

Herr Muehlenkamp, I don’t know what you mean by “stinking” blog. I logged in and then put my nose real close to the monitor, nothing, no stink. As for you being on my mind, sure, you are the only Nestbeschmutzer left on RODOH.

And you will never understand, or are not allowed to, that this has nothing to do with love or any other feeling, but about true, blue eyed Germans, Arians, not believing in lies peddled by the victors and other assorted Untermenschen.

Armer Herr Muehlenkamp, armes Deutschland.

I don't think Heink's fellow blogger Thomas Kues (who in a recent sermon to his wavering flock quoted Mattogno's hypocritical warning against those who "have appropriated some revisionist positions for their own particular ideological-propagandistic purposes" and "provide a justification for those who claim that revisionism is a Nazi phenomenon") is going to be happy with Heink's having expressed so openly in writing what makes him tick, even if he whole-heartedly agrees with Heink's highlighted statement, as he probably does.

And he may also not be happy with the ramblings of "Revisionist" dinossaur Fredrick Töben, whose latest harangue, quoted in my RODOH post 12807, is another welcome contibution to showing people what "Revisionism" is all about.

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