Thursday, February 18, 2010

The owner of ...

... is obviously a very sick person in urgent need of psychiatric assistance, judging by the threatening and/or just plain silly e-mails he has sent me, and by another website he recently created, as he told me he would.

On this other website, said person spouts some rather amusing nonsense about my person. Among other things, he attributes to me claims/opinions ("He also claims to be a Solicitor", "seems to believe that if you simply ask a question about the Holocaust (a subject very precious to him) that you are automatically an ANTI-SEMITE") that I don't remember having made or expressed (perhaps he's mixing me up with someone else), besides calling me names (including the obviously self-projecting "sociopath"), insinuating that I am not "consistent" about my identity and claiming that my employer (who he didn't find out about through me) denies to employ me.

In sum, said person shows the kind of confused, hysterical, mendacious and paranoid behavior that characterizes certain inhabitants of "Revisionist" cloud-cuckoo-land I have come across, though he exceeds most of them.

Said person is hereby required to remove his aforementioned other website until 20 hours GMT of today, 18.02.2010.

Should he fail to do so, I shall

a) make public the e-mail messages he sent me, and

b) track him down to obtain what satisfaction for his libel/defamation I am legally entitled to.

Should it turn out that said person is not responsible for his actions due to insanity, I shall recommend to the appropriate authorities his internment in a mental health institution.

Guadalupe Salcedo, by the way, was a Colombian guerrilla leader in the 1950s. My featuring his name in my private e-mail address is a homage to this gentleman and to the country where I was born and raised.


  1. Dear Roberto.

    I appreciate your posts on your blog. Seems you are a remorseless idiot and delusional to boot.

    Let me break this down for you so you actually get it and stop embarrassing yourself with your posts.

    1/ I don't own the website you ignoramus - and you will be on the receiving end of a little bit of legal action yourself if you repeat this accusation again publicly considering your "outing" of my "name" that was linked to your associate's claims of aniti-semitism: is this clear enough for you?

    We are still waiting for your Solicitor's details........................................................... and waiting...............................and waiting...............................

    Have you ever heard of whois?

    Just like your other "opinions" expressed online this is also exposed as complete BULLSHIT when compared to the facts.

    You are FULL OF SHIT an you know it, but keep on lying anyway.

    ONLINE CHALLENGE: Prove I am the owner of and I will give you £1000.00

    CAN'T: Then Give ME and HSRDB an APOLOGY you gutless egghead!

    Bet you wont - because facts and TRUTH are of NO INTEREST TO YOU.

    Furthermore when did I clam to be a Solicitor?

    Another "interpretation" of the facts to suit your delusions?

    ONLINE CHALLENGE: Prove I claimed to be a Solicitor and I will give you £1000.00

    CAN'T: Then Give ME an APOLOGY you gutless egghead!

    Any reasonable person would have understood my outrage at your attempting to "out" me as an anti-semite (a highly offensive and derogatory term) using my "real" name online because I dared express common arguments about the holocaust to generate interest in a website project I was working on. You or your associate hacked my email account and accessed personal and sensitive emails. But not you.

  2. Many hours and thousands of pounds were spend responding to this security threat.

    You are so delusional you seem to think this is OK.

    You then decide to prove you had no valor whatsoever by blatantly ignoring my clear invitation for an apology to end our dispute, instead posting more BS online via your blog.

    Well, now I have have a little something for you and will explain the purpose of the "roberto" website because obviously you are not so bright.

    We registered it to get you to visit it. YES YOU - and your IP address - which we captured with EVERY VISIT - after all you would be the only one who would bother to go there. When you did, we captured your IP addresses and are now following up re the security breaches and our Solicitors will be contacting the service providers or owners of the IP. You might not be too popular with them, and they might be like you and not want to hear your "excuses" when forming their opinions. You would not have a problem with this of course as you ADVOCATE DISCRIMINATION AND INTOLERANCE of others.

    Enjoy being on the receiving end of your own BS for a change.

    And yes - Legal action IS pending as the costs associated with your little stunts have been considerable. We have instructed our Solicitors, Gillams to serve and injection against you, your dipstick buddy Sergy and your service providers. We assume most of your posts will be deleted as a precaution as we are also deliberately being ambiguous in our allegations and demanding all posts be removed. Guess there will only be your website for your followers to log-on to to get updates.

  3. You really are a sucker, you really thought we would defame you in response to your defamation! How stupid do you think we are? Guess you assumed everyone else was as paranoid, obsessional and stupid as you. Sorry buddy, but most of us have a life...

    Now for the fun part.

    You were provided with a reasonable opportunity to apologize - you ignored it, confirming that you are completely unrepentant about what you did and are clearly an unbalance sociopath as originally suggested.

    Your sick intention was to "out" me and my wife and children - you pathetic loser - so more lunatics like you could hopefully abuse us. Motivation?

    Scaring me into silence. You are ONE SICK INDIVIDUAL.

    So after careful consideration of your response with my buddies over some beers, I realized that indeed, a sociopath like you would not be troubled by exposure of you methods as you actually appear proud of them. You would presumably bask in the attention you received. We don't buy the bullshit about your anonymous employer, but thanks for the advice anyway.

    So instead I have donated the site to a New Zealand guy who really likes Adolph Hitler, your hero. He tells me that under his management the site will be devoted to promoting his idol and supporting the revisionists arguments and a up-to-date source of news articles critical of your cause. Emails and forums are great as me@roberto... might start popping up with posts in the most unusual places. Absolutely no defamation of course.

    You must be so excited!

    Now comes the booby-prize for you.

    Amies or Aimes is NOT MY NAME you idiot. But I am starting to gather that we have yours right. is a DUMMY NAME used by our contributors to enter forums - DUH!!!!!!

    The arguments used were selected from contributions from another forum - a PSYCHOLOGY FORUM. Anti-semitic ? You fucking idiots invented this BS and now you reject others using your own arguments....

    By the way, you would have to be the BIGGEST IDIOT we have encountered during this project and have provided PROOF that some Jewish Holocaust supports are mentally unbalanced in their obsession with their "cause" and do their cause more harm than good. You have swallowed your own shit and it has made you sick - my advice to you is to get some help before you destroy your life and have a heart attack.

    As for the project as I think I told you before, I could not give a fuck what you try to do; you will only make a fool of yourself and probably get sued as you ARE a resident of the EU you tosser and have already stepped over the line. Keep clocking up the actions dipstick.

    Clearly you like playing with fire so you must be expecting to get burned. "Cause and effect"? lol

    Bets regards, "Richard"

    PS I am posting this on you forums so everyone can see what a Dickhead you are...

  4. Well,it seems that this sorry "Richard" creature chose to start further exposing his sickness with his silly threats (of legal action etc. blah, blah, blah) and other baloney, before I had the time to publish similar previous utterances of his.

    These previous utterances are thus no longer necessary to convey our friend's psychiatric profile to our readers, but I'll post them nevertheless tomorrow, due to their amusement value.

    I hope our friend continues showing our audience what deplorable minds it is that "Revisionism" appeals to. And I also hope that he continues setting up his vaunted "you just wait until it's ready" - database. Who else means to offer such easy and complete online access to Treblinka testimonies?

    Keep on working for us, Richard. You're doing a great job.

  5. PS: Readers shouldn't miss a look at the fellow's website about me, which gives them a chance to see a "Revisionist" wacko in delirium.

    Keep it coming while you got your hands free for the keyboard, Richard. When you're in one of these you'll have to find someone who can contain laughter well enough to type it down for you.

  6. Seems like the Unhinged Dick got cold feet!

    It's actually very easy to prove you're the owner. Nothing more than a couple of Google searches and whois requests.

    The website is registered to Richard Lauren.

    The same Richard Lauren registered a website for his son Nicholas.

    The N.L. on the photo on that site is identical to "Nicky" on Richard Amies' Facebook page. This is the same Richard Amies who can be found on the Facebook by entering the aforementioned gmail address in the search field.

    Moreover, on the N.L. site we can see in the Google cache the remains of the first version of HRSDB site when it was still being called "Legitimate Revision". (BTW what kind of a moron creates a denial page on the website of his baby son?)

    Now without doubt you will try to erase some of these traces. You're free to do so, but every piece of evidence has been saved, so it's too late.

    Glad now that you asked?

    Oh and don't ask to post the screenshots on the blog. We can post them in some other place, but will that bring you much joy, eh , Dicky? :)

    PS: BTW, whose IP is this, I wonder?

    Referring Link No referring link
    Host Name
    IP Address
    Country Czech Republic
    Region Hlavni Mesto Praha
    City Prague
    ISP Xdsl Network-adsl
    Returning Visits 0
    Visit Length 2 hours 46 mins 1 sec

    Must be some fan, 2 hours 46 minutes, sheesh!

  7. By the way, Dick. Now that we've an IP, name, photos and stoo^H^H^H^H posting samples of a certain antisemite and Holocaust denier residing in Prague, do you think it's time to inform the Prague Police about him? After all, both racial incitement and denial are crimes in the Czech Republic. What do you think? I oppose the denial laws, but I'm willing to make an exception for a certain low-life sociopath...


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