Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gerdes Banned at the Cesspit

It took a while but here it is:
by Moderator2 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:41 am
Mr. Gerdes,
You have been banned for 14 days. You didn’t read our guidelines carful enough. From viewtopic.php?t=358
  • No namecalling, threats, or personal attacks; period.
  • Keep your posts limited to one point.
  • Voluminous, lengthy, and redundant posts are not welcomed.
Meanwhile I'll give you the possibility to rethink your posting strategy. As it’s now, you are thrashing our forum.

Moderator 2


  1. Yesterday I registered on the "CODOH" Revisionist forum, under my full name (I received confirmation: "Your account has been created. However, this board requires account activation by the administrator group. A e-mail has been sent to them and you will be informed when your account has been activated.").

    Could it be that Gerdes' banning has something to do with my registration?

  2. "Total posts 34903
    • Total topics 4902
    • Total members 455
    • Our newest member: Roberto Muehlenkamp"

    I'm impressed.

  3. Now that you have entered the viper's den I am sure you will have your hands full with a lot of scholarly posts and PM's.

  4. Times, they're a'changin'?

    Let's see how far they have changed. My posts must be approved by the moderator before they appear on the board ...

  5. Roberto, I see your response to the Moderator.


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