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"The Climate Swindle vs. the Holo-Lie"

Some RODOH Holocaust deniers' reactions to the latest manufactured "Climategate" nontroversy are interesting. Here's the old Nazi-Canadian Wilfried Heink:
Similarities between the "Great Climate Swindle" and the "Great Holo-Lie", taken from "timesonline":

"[T]his weekend it emerged that the unit has thrown away much of the data. Tucked away on its website is this statement: "Data storage availability in the 1980s meant that we were not able to keep the multiple sources for some sites ... We, therefore, do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (ie, quality controlled and homogenised) data." (True for "The Holocaust", as well, besides, archives are still locked)

If true, it is extraordinary. It means that the data on which a large part of the world's understanding of ("The Holocaust") climate change is based can never be revisited or checked. Pielke said: "Can this be serious? It is now impossible to create a (real Holo body count) new temperature index from scratch. [The unit] is basically saying, 'Trust us'." (Are you listening, nickterry?)

WHERE does this leave the ("Holocaust") climate debate? While the overwhelming belief of scientists is that ("The Holocaust" happened) the world is getting warmer and that (Germans) humanity (are) is responsible, sceptical voices are increasing.

Lord Lawson, the Tory former chancellor, announced last week the creation of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think tank, to "bring reason, integrity and balance to a debate that has become seriously unbalanced, irrationally alarmist, and all too often depressingly intolerant" (this is yet to happen re. "The Holocaust").

Lawson said: "("The Holocaust") Climate change is not being properly debated because all the political parties are on the same side, and there is an intolerance towards anybody who wants to debate it. It has turned ("The Holocaust") climate change from being a political issue into a secular religion."

But, the time will come when "The Holocaust" will also fall by the wayside.
Arme True Believers, armes Deutschland.
Then there's this, by another lemming:
Nick Terry always likened Global Warming Denial to HD when he was trying to tar us all with the brush of lunacy and conspiracy mania. I think GWD and HD sit together very comfortably. I say screw the totalitarian liberals and their desperate desire to control thought.

Update: there's more!

Nick, in case you haven't noticed, 'public policy' is determined by special interests, mainly those of an an international banking elite. You now want the same people to create a new market resulting from cap-and-trade which they can use to extract a new tax from the gullible workslave, and you want extra powers for governments to impose their authority and tax raising powers over a rapidly collapsing middle class in the name of a new global panic (one that will make the war on terrah look pretty tame once it gets rolling).

If a scientific consensus does exist, it exists for the same reason that a consensus over the Holocaust exists in the hallowed corridors of academic historiography. If we as a people, a nation, are to accept that man-caused GW exists then we need a proper national debate on this subject, since the outcome of that debate will fundamentally change the future trajectory of public policy for generations and should transform the economic and material basis of our national existence. Such decisions should not be made behind closed doors. Such decisions should not be made by corrupt, self-interested academic groupings that exist and thrive thanks to the funding they receive for affirming a pre-determined hypothesis and that pursue active policies of concelament, dissemination, and underhand conflict tactics against their enemies.

A real debate on Global warming and its consequences and its implications for public policy has not been had. Whether you could awake the masses sufficiently to watch and join such a debate is of course unlikely given that they have been controlled and dumbed down by a media that has little interest in promoting free thought.

Your Global warming paradigm, along with your war on terrah paradigm, and your 'what is in the interest of the bankers, is in the interests of us all' paradigm, are all part and parcel of a manufactured consent perpetuated by a power structure at the apex of which stands the truth of truth, the holy of holies, your sacred Holocaust religion, and the good war that was fought in its name.

I'm happy to embrace the idea of MMGW, but a debate about it must be had in the open, and in a climate of intellectual honesty. MMGW is fast on its way to becoming another article of faith that is only questioned by 'social pariahs', 'sociopaths', 'conspiracy theorists', and perhaps eventually 'the kind of people that deny the Holocaust' (oh sin of sins). Real debate is closed down. There is no open society here, but hegemonic 'truths' force fed to us through power structures that have agendas very much at odds with the creation of thriving, open societies. I object to the methods and the process, not the conclusions (which are not settled yet, since a real debate has not been had). But you wouldn't understand that since you have positioned yourself at the centre of faith promotion in the most filthy of all businesses - Holotale promotion, and you believe that 'deniers' and 'conspiracy therorists' should be silenced and those that 'know' the truth should be allowed to impose their will on society in the name of a higher 'good'. Such is the stuff that Totalitarian Liberalism is made of.

Update 2: Now compare this to a "mainstream" AGW denier's rhetoric (courtesy of Tim Lambert):
Most of the environmental movement is composed of innocent Gaianists, but not all of it. There's a hard core that's sort of a zombie remnant of Soviet psyops. Their goals are political: trash capitalism, resurrect socialism from the dustbin of history. They're actually more like what I have elsewhere called a prospiracy, having lost their proper conspiratorial armature when KGB Department V folded up in 1992. There aren't a lot of them, but they're very, very good at co-opting others and they drive the Gaianists like sheep.

Update 3: and now the CODOH deniers chime in!
Climatecaust or Hologate, that is the question?

by Kiwichap » Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:29 am

I have to laugh at how much the jack boot sale of global warming inversely resembles the hoax. This from Katherine Goldstein; Huffington Post.

"The verdict on global warming is in -- it's caused by humans and it is happening and nothing in the emails remotely challenges that.... we thought we should set the record straight... Everything else is "rumors, lies and insinuations."

Shades of Deborah Lipstadt - 'no debate'. There is no climategate and there is no 'hide the decline'. Don't be a climate denier. There is not enough time to explain it to you. The ocean will be lapping at your front door if you don't do what we $$$ay...

I hear this spirit of speech every day now, It's everywhere; and it's increasing. Self puffed-up, they think they can spit any sort of BS at us and we will just do what they say. We are not worthy to contribute data because we are deniers of the scam.

The blurb rants hypocritically about a hack, when we all know it was a LEAK (BBC).

Three cheers for the leaker. Some folk are loyal to a higher law, where TRUTH is more important than BS legalise fiction, and it pays better at the end of the day. Katherine Goldstein doesn't understand that. Am I surprised?
by Halo » Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:03 am
Thanks for this thread kiwi. Thought awhile if I should start one on the climate lie thats collapsing right now in front of our eyes...

It´s not as if the people wouldn´t have been warned of the things to come, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, WMDs, USS Liberty... the list of collapsed (-ing) lies is so long. I can´t understand why so many are so stupid.

In case someone missed it (I know that in the US there has been some newscoverage on this topic in the mainstream media, contrasting europe- where this is not mentioned at all - at least I havent come across any report on the falsified e-mails or the collapsing man-made climate change lie except for a short mention from the BBC, who tried to spin it into a hacker scandal and internet security issue lol).

In general I might use the opportunity to hint the kind reader to a great website:

This is really one of my most frequented websites on the web, covering climategate, obama, 911, up to "dum dum portrayal of evil"- this site has no taboos and it´s really an awesome source to inform oneself.

Thanks Kiwi for the thread

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