Sunday, October 04, 2009

Scan Scam Sends Nazi Fan Into Full Nutter Mode: Lunatic Gerdes Takes Over the CODOH Asylum

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Below are three extracts posted by Greg Gerdes in the last few days. They show him in his full nutter glory.

Firstly, when Drew J posted links to past HC blogs such as Nick's Jürgen Graf is a Liar, Gerdes accused Drew J of perpetrating a lie simply by posting the link and inviting comments:
Says the liar who was caught red handed falsely accusing Graf of lying while citing professional liar Nick Terry as his source and maliciously concealing evidence that proved his false accusation wrong and proved that it was in fact Nick Terry who was the liar and is now trying frantically to cover up the fact he's been caught telling a malicious lie.



You falsely accused Graf of being a liar.

Your first comment was:

"Jürgen Graf is a Liar"

And you even commented on your own comment:

"He sure is"

So what would that be called?

A double lie?
Secondly, Gerdes has been frantically trying to show that this scan did not come from Krege, even though it is published on sympathetic denier sites. Gerdes rants:
There isn't an ounce of proof that the photo is of a scan taken at Treblinka.


Krege only said it was from Treblinka's mass graves

Now you're flat out making things up.

Krege never said that THAT PHOTO was from Treblinka.

If you're not lying, then let's see the proof of what you just said.


We have videos of him scanning the area, and he gave this photo, claiming it was the result.

And now you have just spewed another bald faced lie.

You're really digging yourself in a hole Lamprecht. You just said in the previous sentence:

I said I do not know where the scan is from - and I don't.

Then you say:
[Krege] gave this photo

With the obvious implication that the photo came from Krege himself.

My what a poor liar you are Lamprecht.


No, I do not have proof of him actually scanning it.

Well then, you're finally admitting the truth. But if you don't have proof, then why did you say Krege himself "gave this photo, claiming it was the result?"

Contradiction after contradiction.


The odd thing is that Krege concluded, from his scan, that there were no mass graves @ Treblinka

What's so odd about that Lamprecht?

His exact words from the video were: "After 3 weeks work the team had found nothing. No graves, no ash..."

And his exact words quoted in the IHR article were: "Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated toward the end of the Treblinka camp's use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed," he says. "Personally, I don't think there was an extermination camp there at all."

No graves and no ash.

If that's such an "odd" statement Lamprecht, then please tell us where we might find graves and ash at Treblinka.

Look at the first photo that appears in this thread and tell us:

How many graves and how much ash are in sections A? B? C?


Can you trace that photo back to Krege's actual GPR?


How would I do that, Pepper?

Don't bother Lamprecht, I just did the work for you.

I knew something didn't smell right.
Gerdes then goes into full conspiraloon mode against his fellow denier jnovitz:
Is jnovitz David Irving?

Who but a rodohoaxer, a jew or David Irving woud say such a thing?
It never occurs to Gerdes to ask why Irving and other deniers would publish this scan had it not come from Krege. Instead, he seriously believes that attacking his fellow deniers in this manner will win him friends and influence people.

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