Friday, September 18, 2009

Gerdes Returns To CODOH As A Sockpuppet

In January 2009, Greg Gerdes was banned from CODOH for plagiarism. He has now returned in this thread, as a sockpuppet called 'Pepper', to cajole the novice Drew J, who is either extremely gullible or pretending to be so in order to win points for his continual back-flips (pretending to doubt the revisionist case then being miraculously reconverted to it by the flimsiest of 'show me a tooth' arguments). Will Hargis grow some cojones and ban this sockpuppet? Will Drew J develop greater critical reasoning when he realizes that he has been talking to a sockpuppet all week?

UPDATE: It now appears that Gerdes wasn't banned in January but was severely reprimanded for plagiarism (see link above) then skulked off. However, this means the raving lunatic is now posting on that Cesspit thread as two different people. When will Hargis have the balls to ban his outrageous trolling?

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