Monday, August 10, 2009

Belzec Mass Graves and Archaeology - First Reactions to my Response

There have been some reactions to my recently completed commentary of Mattogno’s response (original Italian version; English translation) to my 2006 article Carlo Mattogno & Belzec Archaeological Research.

Mattogno himself reacted by firing off responses to section 1 and section 2 of my rejoinder. These responses – which I frankly haven't read yet – are available in Italian on a blog hosted by one blonde Aryan "Franziska", obviously a child of the same spirit that Mattogno is guided by: LE ULTERIORI CONTROVERSIE OLOCAUSTICHE DI ROBERTO MUEHLENKAMP Parte I and LE ULTERIORI CONTROVERSIE OLOCAUSTICHE DI ROBERTO MUEHLENKAMP Parte II. I’ll have a look at these blogs, and at whatever else Mattogno may produce in the meantime, when I come back from my vacations.

Meanwhile, on the CODOH Revisionist Forum, a "Revisionist" who uses the handle "Drew J" has put a lot of work into commenting sections 1, 2 and 3 of my riposte. The results of Drew J’s effort can be read starting on page 2 of the thread "Belzec: a fraudulent excavation". It is interesting that Drew J is not very happy with the "Revisionist" coryphée’s work, and he gets points for being straightforward enough to say so, even though he is even more unreasonable than Mattogno in other respects.

My response to Drew J's comments starts with my post # 11400 on page 4 of the RODOH thread "Mattogno's response to Roberto (in English)".

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