Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, CODOH Forum!

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The CODOH forum, known affectionately to us as The Cesspit, began operations on November 26th, 2002, so is today celebrating its fifth birthday. To commemorate this happy event, over the next few weeks, we shall be posting a series of blogs highlighting the 'achievements' of the forum. These will show that, instead of original research and informed critique, the forum has borrowed most of its claims from other deniers and has repeatedly resorted to logical fallacies, Strawman attacks on its opponents, distortions of evidence, quote-mining, antisemitic smears, and arguments from personal incredulity. It has made no contribution to the sum of human knowledge concerning the policies and actions of the Third Reich towards the Jews. Moreover, the forum lies about its commitment to free speech: our attempts to post on its threads have been censored, deleted and blocked. We therefore raise our glasses in tribute to this Cesspit of hypocrisy and antisemitic canards, and say, "Here's to five more years of top-class entertainment from the Conspiraloons."

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