Thursday, June 21, 2007

CODOH Moderators, You Have 24 Hours

Author: Nicholas Terry
On Friday afternoon I registered with the CODOH Revisionist Forum, under my own name, purely so I could post a factual correction since one member (who also posts at RODOH) was making remarks about me.

In contrast to all the other members of this blog's team, I've never once set foot in CODOH forum, yet six days later there is still no follow-up email to confirm that the moderators there have activated my account. The automatic email came through, but after that, zip. Since the forum is attached to the Committee for the Open Debate of the Holocaust, one might think they'd welcome every new recruit they could get, but apparently not.

Why, even today, the most active poster at CODOH, 'Hannover', posted the following:

I even salute those who promote the standard storyline at this forum

which is pretty remarkable, since currently there is absolutely no one who accepts the "standard storyline" over at CODOH. More's the pity, since there are many at CODOH who utter some basic factual errors concerning this subject, and there is no one around to set them straight.

So, CODOH moderators, here's the deal. I'd like to have my registration activated. I don't think that's an unfair thing to ask since however you spin it, I have absolutely no history over on your forum. I haven't broken the rules on your forum because you haven't even given me the chance to. I don't intend to anyway, I'd just like to make the odd post from time to time.

Since it's been six days, I think another 24 hours are in order. After that, well, everyone can draw their own conclusions about what CODOH really means.

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