Monday, June 11, 2007

CODOH AnswerMan's scholarly level

Author: Sergey Romanov
Let's examine what the CODOH AnswerMan has to say about this question:
Dear AnswerMan,
I'm curious about the recent opening of the Nazi archive. Would we be able to, once and for all, settle this issue of how many Jews were actually killed by the Nazis? Could this be the moment of truth for the revisionists?

Best, [name withheld for fear of persecution]
We have our own answer. And CODOH's boils down to the first paragraph:
Only time will tell for sure what the exact impact of the opening of the "Nazi archives" at Arolsen will bring. With that said, AnswerMan believes that the opening of the archives will be another minor revisionist victory.
The AnswerMan goes on to explain why, and in the process commits some very embarassing mistakes.

Consider that original Soviet propaganda put forth the estimate of 1.5 million Jewish deaths at the concentration camp Majdanek. [...] Today however, experts at the Majdanek museum have "revised" the actual number of Jewish deaths down to 59,000.
Except, of course, the Soviets never claimed that 1.5 million victims were Jewish. Oops!
Case in point, by 1992, the Soviet archives in Moscow opened. These archives held the Auschwitz "death books" (Sterbebuch). Each book contains hundreds of death certificates. Each certificate meticulously records numerous revealing details, including the deceased person's full name, profession, religion, date and place of birth, time of death and cause of death. The death registry books fell into Soviet hands in January 1945 when the Red Army captured Auschwitz. When the archive opened it was revealed that Moscow had 46 of these volumes. They covered partially the years 1941, 1942, and 1943. There were no volumes for 1944 or 1945. It has been suggested by the International Red Cross that the Soviets "misplaced" the additional missing volumes. Russian officials permitted the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - the International Tracing Service in Arolsen, Germany to make copies of the death certificates. There were 69,000 death certificates. Even if one extrapolates for the missing books, the numbers do not grow to the mythic millions proportions. Still, this information is largely neglected by the fundamentalists.
Except this is a very blatant strawman - nobody claimed that the books would contain all the deaths. Thus the last sentences are as dishonest as they're silly. Nothing is "neglected", the Death Books in no way contradict the mass murder in Auschwitz.
When Francizek Piper, the Director of the Auschwitz museum wrote his article, "The Number of Victims" (published in the US in 1994), he states, "When the Soviet soldiers liberated the camp [Auschwitz] in January 1945, they found documents that confirmed only 100,000 deaths." Still, in light of the hard evidence, Piper suggests that many victims were never registered into the Auschwitz camp and rather went directly to the gas chambers. Therefore although maybe 100,000 inmates who were registered died at Auschwitz, some 1 million who were never registered were murdered there. What evidence you ask is there for the 1 million murdered? There is actually no evidence of the murder of these people
That mostly unregistered deportees were being murdered was known from the start from numerous witnesses. So the AnswerMan's implicit suggestion that Piper was forced to concoct an ad hoc explanation borders on libel. And of course, if the AnswerMan doesn't consider numerous statements by victims, perpetrators and bystanders, and documentary and physical evidence, corroborating these statements, the "evidence", then he is nothing but a "flat-earther", whose fundamentalist religious dogma simply cannot be budged.
Piper and others have examined train records to review how many inmates were sent to the camp. They then looked at how many were registered and theorized that the rest were murdered. They largely ignored the fact that Auschwitz also served as a transit camp and that many individuals transferred there were not registered there, because after a brief stay (a few days to a few weeks) they were moved on to other camps within the system.
Except this is a lie, of course. Piper has accounted for the people who have arrived to the camp, for the people died in the camp and for the people, who were transferred out of the camp. The difference can be accounted only by mass murder, which is yet another argument, supporting the above extensive evidence. Deniers cannot find the missing Jews.
The fundamentalists have attempted many times in the past twenty years to conclusively finish off the revisionists. Every attempt has failed miserably. When revisionists are proven to be correct, the facts are buried. I expect the same from Arolsen.
Stupidity cannot be defeated.

Conclusion regarding CODOH AnswerMan's scholarly level: a kindegartner could do better.

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