Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just when you thought that a Nazi can't get more stupid ...

Author: Sergey Romanov
... he just says something and proves you wrong.

Steve Mock informs about a National Alliance article, which describes some illiterate doofus trying to harrass Deborah Lipstadt, but making a total fool of himself in a very humorous way:
Still seated, Robert interrupted her speech and asked "now which Holocaust are we talking about here, the first or the second?" As the room fell silent, Robert continued, "are we talking about the one in 1919 where Ilya Ehrenburg claimed that 6 million Jews were being killed in a Holocaust or the second one."
Ilya Ehrenburg? The imbecile couldn't even get the "revisionist" memes straight, and confabulated the two of them, one about Martin Glynn in 1919, and another about Ilya Ehrenburg in 1944. That wasn't all, of course. What's a Nazi without spouting some long-ago-debunked antisemitic myth?

Lipstadt fumbled for a second and Robert rose, determined to make clear to the crowd, who had all turned around to listen, the facts regarding Israel for which Lipstadt had, just minutes earlier, lied about. "In 2001 Ariel Sharon said we the Jewish people control America and the Americans know it, what more needs to be said?"

I've already made some observations about low intelligence of WN creatures. But it seems for some of them the intelligence is not even low. It's simply non-existent.

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JPSlovjanski said...

I believe Ilya was still writing anti-Bolshevik articles in 1919. The National Alliance refuses to die with dignity. Instead they are like an elderly person sinking into the depths of dementia, sleeping in their own filth and babbling gibberish.