Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another "somewhat honest" denier

Author: Sergey Romanov
Am I a holocaust sceptic? Actually, I am not a holocaust sceptic. I unreservedly deny that there was any program to persecute the Jews. Scepticism does not enter into it. I know for a fact that the Jews got everything they deserved. Persecution does not even rate in this endeavour. The 'German' Jews, if I were in charge, would have been executed, every single one of them, Man. women & child, if they were proved to be traitors to Germany. The rest I would have put in prison camps. Why? Because I am no fool. I know what they were up to, sabotage and filthy dirty behaviour, just as they are promulgating in the United States of America and globally today. I make no apologies for it. Paul Grubach has it wrong. He is too soft on the Jew! Like Pastor Wickstom and Pastor Jones, every Jew needs to be killed. I am a Christian, I hate, Like David, King of Israel, every Jew with a PERFECT HATRED.


The Jews, every single one, are devils. The spawn of Satan & Eve. You who are saved know this, you who do not are lost. I am not speaking to you cowardly lot. You may as well leave the thread and go watch TV, you know how much you love the Jew tube.
I am a Christian, I believe the bible. I believe Jesus. I am heading off to eternal life. The rest are heading off to hell.

Ah good, I got that off my chest. Time for a cuppa tea.
This guy is for real, BTW. At the Cesspit he is known as "kiwichap".

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JPSlovjanski said...

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is known as a "seedliner" Christian Identity adherent.

More colloqially it is known as a "complete utter f#$king moron".