Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Watch chickenshit liar Jonnie Hargis aka “Hannover” …

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
… getting his ass kicked here.

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Sergei said...

I think that Jonnie Hargis demonstrates the type of intelect that you holocaust fanatics hate the most. He dares to question your poison little douche bag of lies. You know that if anyone begins to look deeper into your matrix of lies, your entire fraudilent edifice will fall down on top of you. So you attack the brave and intelligent with your typical name calling in order to frighten off any who would state disbelief.
It is your dogmatic bigotry and fraud perpetuation that has turned so many of us against you. You arrogant cretins.
Now you are faced with the greatest enemy ever, Imperialistic Islam. They mean to destroy all of you, and you are scared.
Already so many jews are offering the olive branch to Islam. You so much want them to accept you so that you can obtain the position of privileged and unquestioned nobility within the Muslim hierarchy. So you rebouble your efforts to slander the people of the West who have swallowed your lies and honored your deceptions for over five decades. They even pay you billions in false guilt money annually. What a group of con men you are !Why do you attack the hands that feeds you? Because you know that the West will be defeated by Islam and you want to survive. In about ten years you will be burning in Hell along with tens of millions of Jews who voted for Obama, embraced black racism and licked the boots of Imperialistic Islam in a vain attempt to survive.
So many of us are laughing at you. We stand silent doing all we can to destroy your Marxist Empire built on lies.
Next Year in Jerusalem !