Thursday, October 05, 2006

Something I posted at YT

Author: Sergey Romanov
"And for the 5th time I deleted sergey's advertisement for his website when he spammed my videos with a message that gave no comment but only a link."

Just a usual lie from debunked "denierbud". I didn't "spam" anything. I posted a link _with_ a comment about that link (I think it was a request to visit the refutation). Given that the link was and is absolutely relevant to the video (that's the ongoing demolition of these clips, after all), it cannot reasonably qualify as spam.

As to why "Denierbud" deleted the link (and refuses to link to us) - check it out yourself, and you'll understand -
Let's see if it disappears.

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TrueVoice said...

Whoops, there it goes.

Well, he's right ... we do have a different approach to "free speech". His reminds me of Hannover. Wonder why he likes CODOH, huh?