Monday, October 16, 2006

Scott Adams makes a fool of himself once again

Author: Sergey Romanov
The first time it was about "Darwinism". Now it's about the Holocaust:
I’d also like to know how the Holocaust death total of 6 million was determined. Is it the sort of number that is so well documented with actual names and perhaps a Nazi paper trail that no historian could doubt its accuracy, give or take ten thousand? Or is it like every other LRN (large round number) that someone pulled out of his ass and it became true by repetition? Does the figure include resistance fighters and civilians who died in the normal course of war, or just the Jews rounded up and killed systematically? No reasonable person doubts that the Holocaust happened, but wouldn’t you like to know how the exact number was calculated, just for context? Without that context, I don’t know if I should lump the people who think the Holocaust might have been exaggerated for political purposes with the Holocaust deniers. If they are equally nuts, I’d like to know that. I want context.
Well, duh, how about reading a book or two on the topic, instead of asking such questions on the blog to make some kind of a point? Being "ignorant and lazy viewer" is not an excuse. So, Adams may be ignorant, but whose fault is it? The media's, which doesn't "provide context" (as if in each Holocaust-related article a method of arriving at the 6 million figure should be given as a "context"). Or maybe solely his?

And yes, 6M is an LRN, just a "nice" meme going around. The current reasonable estimates vary within about a million or so victims (i.e. from ~5 to ~6 million). I guess for the person with Adams' mindset it could lead to further "doubt" ("Wha?! I haven't been told that the death toll may be as low as 5 million? Something fishy is going on here! Perhaps these so-called "deniers" are somewhat right after all? Hmmmm...").

And of course, Adams contradicts himself by saying that "no reasonable person doubts that the Holocaust happened". Well, why not ask, then, how it was established that it really happened? Maybe each news article that mentions the Holocaust should provide this ... um ... "context"?


Sergei said...

I think that Scott Adams demonstrates the type of intelect that you holocaust fanatics hate the most. He dares to question your poison little douche bag of lies. You know that if anyone begins to look deeper into your matrix of lies, your entire fraudilent edifice will fall down on top of you. So you attack the brave and intelligent with your typical name calling in order to frighten off any who would state disbelief.
It is your dogmatic bigotry and fraud perpetuation that has turned so many of us against you. You arrogant cretins.
Now you are faced with the greatest enemy ever, Imperialistic Islam. They mean to destroy all of you, and you are scared.
Already so many jews are offering the olive branch to Islam. You so much want them to accept you so that you can obtain the position of privileged and unquestioned nobility within the Muslim hierarchy. So you rebouble your efforts to slander the people of the West who have swallowed your lies and honored your deceptions for over five decades. They even pay you billions in false guilt money annually. What a group of con men you are !Why do you attack the hands that feeds you? Because you know that the West will be defeated by Islam and you want to survive. In about ten years you will be burning in Hell along with tens of millions of Jews who voted for Obama, embraced black racism and licked the boots of Imperialistic Islam in a vain attempt to survive.
So many of us are laughing at you. We stand silent doing all we can to destroy your Marxist Empire built on lies.
Next Year in Jerusalem !

Sergey Romanov said...

No, my dumb namesake, Scott Adams demonstrates the lack of intellect, as I have shown in my article to which you have failed to respond in any rational manner.

But it's curious seeing a Nutzi praise Adams.