Saturday, September 30, 2006

Watch Hargis squirm

Author: Sergey Romanov
Someone alerted Jonnie "I am not Hannover" Hargis to the fact that he has been pwned. Now watch him squirm:
'Germania' refers to the above and the book it supposedly came from as "sourced in a similarly painstaking manner", very odd indeed.

- I just love the authors' silly beginning, "SS secret verdict". Amazing, so secret that court transcripts were supposedly left behind.

- Where is a reference to Taubner with his case number? Where is a reference to Taubner?

- Why don't we see the real text to these 'verdicts'? We have no reason to believe any of them support the claims made. We have no reason to believe any of them are about Taubner.

- They claim access to damning SS court transcripts, but do not show them. What are they hiding?

- What photos were ordered burnt?
If SS Himmler ordered alleged incriminating photos burnt, then why would an SS court leave a record of him supposedly ordering it? They wouldn't. And where's the alleged orders?

- We see English text, but not the original German transcripts. Why?

- We do see reference to an informer who was supposedly executed, perfectly legal. No Taubner though.

'sourced in a painstaking manner', I don't think so. A jumbled mess of nonsense is more like it.

I stand by my statements.
Jonnie dances around the facts which he can't refute. Namely:
  • the book is painstakingly sourced;
  • the verdict and other Taeubner-related documents are fully sourced;
  • Jonnie Hargis is a silly antisemite, who wouldn't find his way out of a paper bag, much less find a page with sources in a book.
Jonnie is also so stupid as to refer to the fact that Taeubner wasn't judged for the murder of the Jews (he was sentenced because he acted without authorization, with cruelty, and, worst of all, made photos) as proof of something (only Hargis knows what).

It seems we have caught Hannover with his pants down. Yeeew. Not a lovely sight.

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