Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Message Regarding Cyber-Attacks

When visiting the UVP video site today to listen to the victims of my next commentary, I was very annoyed to find the following message, which meant I had to go through the YouTube circuit to watch what I wanted to see:

«Message: We've had some problems with cyber-attacks. The videos are not available at the moment. You can find a lower-quality (but still watchable) version at Go there and search "holocaust denial movie"»

I’m not sure if these cyber-attacks are real or just a propaganda maneuver by the Ugly Voice artist, meant to give importance to his filth by insinuating that the "Holocaust Industry", or whatever sinister organization his conspiracy theories dream up, is bothered enough by his trash to take recourse to such underhand methods. I’ve seen too much "persecution" whining from these "Revisionist" true believers to rule out such possibility.

However, assuming that these cyber-attacks are real – in which case I would attribute them to some knee-jerk reaction by someone sufficiently computer-wise who got sick watching this trash – I would hereby like to convey this blog’s message to whoever launched these attacks, which is the following:

«Shame on you, whoever you are.

You are using the same despicable methods that are currently being employed by Holocaust deniers against the site of The Holocaust History Project.

To be sure, THHP is a respectable information site committed to historical truth whereas the UVP videos are ideologically motivated propaganda lies of the most disgusting kind.

But this does not justify applying such methods, which restrict the Ugly Voice’s right to free speech. The way to tackle such filth is to expose it by means of evidence and arguments, as we are doing on this blog.

Therefore, we disapprove of your methods in the strongest possible terms. Free speech is for everyone, including cockroaches like Mr. Ugly Voice.

We strongly urge you to refrain from cyber attacks on the UVP site in the future and, insofar as possible, to immediately annul the effects of such attacks that have already occurred.

This would also make our work much easier.»

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  1. Agreed 100 percent.

    Never become what you behold. It's tempting to give your opponent "a dose of his own medicine and see how he likes it," but it's better not to resort to his tactics and behavior.

    Keep the moral high ground. Nobody can be perfect, but you can be better than your opponent.

    Especially folks who worship Hitler. It should not be that hard to do so.


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